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Geneva Lake cruises continue, liesurely


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Chris Schultz /The Janesville Gazette

(Published Jan. 26, 2007, 9:38 a.m.)

With all lake communities posting "Slow No Wake," signs, the tour boats of the Lake Geneva Cruise Line are taking it very slow.

"We've been slowing down and making wider, slower turns," said Bill Gage Jr., president of Gage Marine, which owns the cruise line.

Gage said the line's boats, which run about a dozen tours a day, not counting private charters, will respect the no wake orders as long as they are in effect.

He said the line has modified its schedule to compensate for the tours' more leisurely pace.

On half of the lake, those sections administered by town of Linn and Lake Geneva, boaters can be ticketed by the Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency for violating the slow, no wake order.

Fontana and Williams Bay passed resolutions recommending boaters respect slow, no wake. Boaters on the Fontana, Williams Bay area may be stopped and reminded to respect the speed limit.


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