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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time is Now: Children helping children

Send your donation to: The Time Is Now to Help, PO Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157


Editor's Note: The following is a letter to The Time Is Now, a private charity serving Walworth County. The founder, who knew poverty as a child, now provides help for those in need. Every penny donated goes to the needy for daily necessities of life. Donors will receive a tax-deductible itemized receipt showing exactly where every penny was spent. We'll publish a letter most weeks.

Dear Readers,

Recently, some young children decided they did not need anything for their birthdays. They wanted to help the poverty stricken. These young children could have a party and receive many gifts. Instead, to make them happier they wanted to help. In particular they wanted to help other children who needed food, clothing and simple comforts.

A group of these children got together for their birthdays, gathering with their friends to celebrate and instead of gifts for themselves they asked for donations to The Time Is Now To Help. They donated a rather large sum of money. It made my heart smile and I know they made God's heart smile upon them for thinking and caring for others.

Many different groups and clubs in the schools have been asking to help. It was their own understanding, their own compassion for others that need help, which made them come to the calling with a smile. Sometimes it is adults who receive an education from the children on kindness and love.

I want to thank the adults who have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and in lieu of gifts decided to help our needy neighbors through The Time is Now. That is what enables us to help so many people every year. Since there is no overhead, every penny of those birthday and anniversary donations goes to the poor. With that understanding, together we have been growing and helping more and more.

As I reflect on the movement among us, I realize we are coming up to our sixth year of helping approximately 500 people a year.

For 2007, The Time is Now to Help set a record and helped 682 people. What we have done together over the past six years is monumental. We have helped several thousand people. We could not have done it without the help, understanding and the caring and sharing of the children and young adults.

I want to thank those who lost a loved one and requested all memorials go to The Time is Now to Help. It means so much to carry on a memory of a loved one by helping others.

I want to thank those who have planned and held a variety of fundraisers. Office staff, teachers, business owners, choirs, clubs, civic groups, firefighters, police and associations all have participated because they cared about our communities and our fellow creations.

All the unique and different ideas and now it has come down to not only have we helped the poverty stricken of our local communities but we have also planted seeds of compassion and mercy in our children.

It is happening more and more often. Everyone from the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, to individuals, children and adults are caring and sharing and being such godly examples. So, once again, through our actions as adults we have made our communities a better place to live in our great United States by being good influences on our children, and now they are gathering and coming to the calling.

Health and happiness,
God bless everyone, WC

A special thank you to: Dick and Jean Honeyager, Phyllis Weeden in memory of Ken Weeden, Jay Ieronimo, Alan Homan, Richard Mertes, Elizabeth Cox, Walter Zimmerman Jr, Michael Kuhl, Virginia Moser, Donald and Marie Voss, J.D. Development, Bill and Lois McEssy, Steve and Catherine Boho, Clarence and Marilyn Schawk, owners of The Geneva Inn, The Rhoades Foundation, Paul Ziegler, Dorothy Heffernan, Barbara Morrissey, Cecilia Flesch-Napoli, John and Karen Burgstede, John and Vickie Geier, David and Merri Stoneman, James and Janice Batten, Donald and Nancy Roberts, Winfield Wimmer, Neil Diercksmeier, Elizabeth Wallace, Lynn and Jan Jeka, Cheryl Davis, Kurt and Ginger Buehner, Kyle Buehner, Hermice Anders, Crystel Anders, Greg and Amy Kazda, Jay Solwold, Donald and Gladys Keith, Clifford and Louise Morris, B. and Lee Zuzanek, Lee and Betty Hayles.



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