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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's not as easy as you think

Story by Donna Lenz Wright/The Week
Photos by Terry Mayer/The Week

Terry Mayer/The Week
(L-R) Elizabeth Oberle as Mrs. Dolly Levi and Anna Stukenberg as Mrs. Irene Molloy in East Troy High School's production of "The Matchmaker."
East Troy High School's spring performance shows what today's matchmaking industry looked like in its earlier days in "The Matchmaker," performed April 18-20.

The story centers around Horace Vandergelder (Zachary Smith), a wealthy general store owner and widower, who refuses to allow his niece, Ermengarde (Bailee Debnam) to marry her true love, Ambrose Kemper (Garrett Key).

Kemper is an artist and his income isn't reliable enough to satisfy Vandergelder, who himself is planning to marry Irene Molloy (Anna Stukenberg).

Dolly Levi (Elizabeth Oberle), an old friend of Vandergelder's late wife and is the matchmaker finding a suitable wife for him, overhears the troubles of the young couple and agrees to help them.

Meanwhile, Molloy admits that she really doesn't love Vandergelder; and Levi lets on that she is very interested in marrying him herself.

"The most prominent individual is undoubtedly Dolly Levi," said Brian Wegener, director. "Wilder's idea that happiness and danger are related is embodied most thoroughly in this irrepressible woman.

"(She is) one of the unforgettable and sought-after roles in American theater."

Through comedy, romance and drama, the story unravels with farfetched humor, sticky situations and mistaken identities. In the end, everyone is happier for the adventure and a little smarter.

" 'The Matchmaker' is a challenge with complicated situations and rapid-fire dialogue, but is worth it," Wegner says.


(In order of appearance)

Horace Vandergelder: Zachary Smith
Ambrose Kemper: Garrett Key
Joe Scanlon: Jordan Weink
Gertrude: Caitlin O'Malley
Cornelius Hackl: Nicholas Mompier
Ermengarde: Bailee Debnam
Malachi Stack: James Oberle
Mrs. Dolly Levi: Elizabeth Oberle
Barnaby Tucker: Joshua Wohlleben
Mrs. Irene Molloy: Anna Stukenberg
Minnie Fay: Stephanie Dufek
Cabman: Jake Feder
Rudolf: Daniel Post
August: Steven Wosinski
Miss Flora Van Huysen: Dannielle Niles
Cook: Karen Schmidt



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