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Monday, April 28, 2008

Attempt to reclaim record falls a few hops shy

--- Plan B: twist record

By Andrea Budde/Contributor

Lake Geneva came a few jumps short of reclaiming the record for the world's largest bunny hop last weekend.

Terry Mayer/The Week
The bunny hop world record was not broken at the Lake Geneva Library Park on Saturday.
Each participant was required to wear faux bunny ears (per Guinness requirements) and had to hop for five consecutive minutes.

The attempt to regain the record fell short, with only 1,269 registered hoppers. Although citizens weren't able to regain their Guinness Book of World Records bunny hop title, they are hoping they achieved a new record altogether.

Participants performed the bunny hop twist, which consisted of people wearing bunny ears and dancing the twist.

"There is no record for the bunny hop twist so far," event organizer Kathy Fraser said.

It took two tries for Lake Geneva to claim the title the first time around.

Lake Geneva held the record for a year when 1,879 men, women and children, performed the bunny hop on the shores of Lake Geneva at Library Park in 2006.

But in 2007, the record was taken away by Washington state residents. With 1,887 bunny hoppers, the Evergreen State Fair in Washington just barely broke Lake Geneva's record.

The bunny hop attempt was just one of the activities that took place in Lake Geneva's Library Park a week ago Saturday.

The event served as an Earth Day celebration, as well as an effort to raise money for Children's Oncology Services' One Step at a Time Camp.

The first 200 families that registered for the hop were given seedlings, donated by Badger FSA, in honor of Earth Day. Recycling services were also offered in downtown Lake Geneva.

Children and families were entertained with a petting zoo, which was provided by Big Foot FSA.

Many shops in downtown Lake Geneva held spring open houses to go along with the event as well. A green bunny scavenger hunt was involved with the open houses, where participants were able to seek out green bunnies hidden in local stores. The bunnies were green to help remind people of Earth Day.

"We were really happy people came out," Fraser said. "People were very generous."

It will be four to six weeks before participants receive word from Guinness whether they made a record for the World's Largest Bunny Hop Twist.



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