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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Walworth County Board candidates make their case at forum

Candidates for the Walworth County Board election April 1 participated in a forum March 3, and their responses were videotaped. Click on the link next to the district name below.

Click HERE for an interactive map of each Walworth County Board District.

The question-and-answer session put 21 of the 22 Walworth County Board supervisor candidates through their paces Monday night at Hawk's View Golf Club.

Royce DeBow, southeastern Wisconsin governmental affairs director for the Wisconsin Realtors Association, moderated.

About 60 people, including several incumbent supervisors who either chose not to run or were defeated in a primary election, filtered in and out of the three-hour forum.

Each candidate had a chance to promote himself or herself.

District 1 WATCH VIDEO

-- Stan Muzatko (incumbent)-Said he will represent his constituents first, before his own interests.

-- Rick Stacey (incumbent)-Did not attend.

District 2 WATCH VIDEO

-- Bill Norem-Said he is disciplined and likes to "make things happen ... When I set out to do projects, things will get done."

-- Joe Schaefer (incumbent)-Noted his 34 years of experience on the county board. "I'm not running a popularity contest, so here I am."

District 3 WATCH VIDEO

-- Frederick Mark Bromley-"My top priority will be to give hard work, intelligent consideration and cooperative problem solving to each and every issue."

-- Ann Lohrmann (incumbent)-"My record will show that I have been on the side of the taxpayers ... Every vote that I made ... has been in the best interest of the people."

District 4 WATCH VIDEO

-- Jerry Grant (incumbent)-Said he is experienced on the county board, is a team player and does what's best for the county.

-- Jim Stewart-Said he has the experience, ability, maturity and judgment to serve and has proved it with his background serving the public.

District 5 WATCH VIDEO

-- Claudia J. Holst-Said she has a strong interest in Walworth County and wants to put an end to high taxes.

-- Leo Lembitz-Said he wants to see long-term growth in the county but also wants it to retain its long-term charm.

District 6 WATCH VIDEO

-- Larry Hilbelink (incumbent)-"I'm the most qualified, plain and simple. I've put in my time and done a great job on the county board."

-- Kathy Ingersoll (incumbent)-"I believe I represent the average, taxpaying citizen ... I am sensitive to the needs and wants of the constituency."

District 7 WATCH VIDEO

-- Sonja Berg-Schlesner-Said she has "walked in many people's shoes" and has a broad perspective on what life is like in Walworth County.

-- David Weber (incumbent)-Has served in government for 30 years and believes "the quality of life is the promise that brings us all here."

District 8 WATCH VIDEO

-- Dan Kilkenny (incumbent)-Pointed to his resume as a public servant. "I stick with problems. I want to have them solved."

-- Jerry Waelti (incumbent)-Said he believes in honesty the old-fashioned way. "Our lifestyle was a handshake, and you follow through on a handshake."

District 9 WATCH VIDEO

-- Robert Carlson-"Bottom line is, it takes a group effort. Everyone has to work together for the team, or we fail."

-- Jim Van Dreser-"I believe I work well with people and respect the dignity of Walworth County. I love the county, and I love the job."

District 10 WATCH VIDEO

-- Randy Hawkins (incumbent)-Said he is accessible and responsible to constituents and will maintain the services people appreciate.

-- Pauline Parker (incumbent)-Said it's in the county's best interest to have everyone work together to achieve goals of providing services at reasonable costs.

District 11 WATCH VIDEO

-- Spyro 'Speedo' Condos-Said he's prepared to make the tough decisions in trying to increase services while reducing costs.

-- Nancy Russell (incumbent)-Said her top priority will be to find efficiencies and savings through teamwork with other municipalities.


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