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Candidates for Walworth County Board

Mike Heine/The Week

(Updated March 4, 2008, 11:40 a.m.)

Click here for the interactive map.

* District 1: Incumbent Stanley A. Muzatko, N8825 Townline Road, East Troy; incumbent Rick Stacey, N8750 Thiede Road, East Troy.

* District 2: Incumbent Joe Schaefer, 6070 N. Railroad St., Lyons; former supervisor Bill Norem, N6422 Cobb Road, Elkhorn.

* District 3: Incumbent Ann Lohrmann, N7816 Westshore Drive, Elkhorn; newcomer Frederick Mark Bromley, W5838 Greening Road, Whitewater.

* District 4: Incumbent Jerry A. Grant, 392 S. Buckingham Blvd., Whitewater; newcomer Jim Stewart, 745 W. Center St., Whitewater.

* District 5: Newcomer Leo Lembitz, N6000 Delaney Road, Delavan; newcomer Claudia J. Holst, N7761 E. Lake Shore Drive, Whitewater.

* District 6: Incumbent Larry Hilbelink, 215 S. Washington St., Elkhorn; incumbent Kathy Ingersoll, 303 Randall Place, Elkhorn.

* District 7: Incumbent David A. Weber, 2789 Theatre Road, Williams Bay; newcomer Sonja Berg-Schlesner, W3769 Locust Drive, Lake Geneva.

* District 8: Incumbent Daniel G. Kilkenny, N3616 Elm Ridge Road, Delavan; former supervisor Jerry Waelti, 115 Spring Drive, Delavan.

* District 9: Incumbent Jim Van Dreser, N1937 Highway 14, Walworth; newcomer Robert Carlson, 128 Martin St., Sharon.

* District 10: Incumbent Pauline Parker, 613 Franklin St., Genoa City; incumbent Randy A. Hawkins, W1058 Evergreen Road, Pell Lake.

* District 11: Incumbent Nancy Russell, 1720 Fairview Drive, Lake Geneva; incumbent Alan Kupsik, 717 S. Lake Shore Drive, Lake Geneva; newcomer Spyro "Speedo" Condos, 1760 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Geneva.



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