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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Author donates to Lakeland School's library

By Mike Heine/The Week

Inspiration can come from many people and many places.

Terry Mayer/The Week
Walworth author Trudy Schubert found inspiration for her book from two autistic children.
For Walworth author Trudy Schubert, her inspiration came from two autistic children who sometimes sit near her at church.

She had just finished her children's book, Sweet Tweets, and wanted to find somewhere to donate the proceeds.

She decided on the Lakeland School Library.

"I'm not making a cent. I'm not making one penny for this," Schubert said. "This is something I wanted to do, especially for special needs kids."

To date, she has given the Walworth County's school for children with disabilities $2,000.

Most of the money will go toward building up a bigger library at the new Lakeland School when it opens this fall.

The current library is a small collection of aging books and various other media tucked into an alcove of the school. The original library was moved to the hallway area to make space for a physical therapy room.

Schubert has always had a love for books and reading. She was formerly the children's librarian at the library in Williams Bay and has helped teach countless children how to read.

"I love it. It's like teaching a child to walk. When you hear them read first sentence it's like wow," she said.

She has always imagined children reading her own book.

"It was a goal of mine, being a librarian," she said. "I wanted to write my own book. If I just wrote one and it came out, I'd be happy. I accomplished something I dreamed about."

Sweet Tweets is about team effort and showing gratitude.

The chickens in the henhouse that supply eggs for Easter are upset that the Easter Bunny is getting all the credit when they do all the work.

When the Easter Bunny walks out on the chickens after learning of their protests, the hens realize how much easier life is when you work together. It's a mad dash to the finish to get the Easter Bunny back with a lesson in gratitude learned at the end.

Walworth County Director of Special Education Tracy Moate expressed her gratitude to donations to the library.

Schubert's good will was supplemented by a recent donation of $1,000 and 1,100 books and videos collected by Fontana twins Meg and Kate Six. The 17-year-olds started the book drive as part of their senior project for Badger High School.

Without such help, the new Lakeland School would have a large media center only sparingly stocked with books and materials, Moate said.

"Knowing we've got this new library, we've got a lot of people trying to make it full of opportunity," Moate said.


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