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What a wonderful year of caring and sharing

(Published Dec. 20, 2007, 1:06 p.m.)

Send your donation to: The Time Is Now to Help, PO Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157


Editor's Note: The following is a letter to The Time Is Now, a private charity serving Walworth County. The founder, who knew poverty as a child, now provides help for those in need. Every penny donated goes to the needy for daily necessities of life. Donors will receive a tax-deductible itemized receipt showing exactly where every penny was spent. We'll publish a letter most weeks.

Thanks to all the caring and sharing, together we again made a big difference throughout our communities. We have found children going hungry--the only meal they are receiving is the lunch provided by the school lunch program. We have found mothers in tears over the fear of being unable to provide for their children. And we have been able to prevent homelessness.

We have restored pride in our teenagers by properly clothing them and removing the shame they feel by wearing worn and ill-fitting clothes. As our children grow into teenagers and young adults, there are enough difficult choices they need to make in life.

We have helped many lonely elderly that seem to have been forgotten or lost their loved ones. We are there to show them they are not alone. Together we let them know there are others who care for them. We provide heat, electricity, a roof over their head, food and hope.

There are many people in our country going hungry in order to keep their utilities paid or put another gallon of gas in their car.

As a perfect example, a few weeks ago when I was at the gas station I couldn't help but notice a man in the car next to me who only bought $2 worth of gas.

"How far will you get on $2 worth of gas?" I had to ask.

"Hopefully to work and back," was the reply.

I could see he was clear-headed and anxious to go to work. I asked one of my questions to test the person, suggesting that it might be better to just stay home in bed instead of getting up in this cold and going to work.

"My job means a lot to me and if it wasn't for that job, I wouldn't be able to put this $2 of gas in my tank. I wouldn't have a roof over my children's heads and I think it's a very good day to get up and go to work."

The person proceeded to walk away from me and get back in their car. I hurried and knocked on the window. He looked at me wondering what I had in mind to continue bothering him. Instead of pulling out, he rolled the window down halfway.

"Do you mind if I buy a hard-working fellow American, who believes in keeping their family their No. 1 priority, a tank of gas?"

He looked at me in disbelief, so I handed him one of my Time Is Now to Help business cards, then I removed the gas cap, put my credit card through and filled up the gas tank.

When it was all done I closed the cap and the person started to get out of the car. "Please call me," I said as I gently held the door.

"You need to get to work. You don't want to be late."

"I can't believe what you just did," he said with tears in his eyes.

"It's just a tank of gas," I said. "God bless you."

"It's more than a tank of gas to me," he said. "I'll be able to buy food this week, better food, more food.

"Thank you." 

Doing good for God's creations is the epitome of our free will, the abundance of what we have to offer.

Where did the donations go?

Now that the $50,000 from the $25,000 MLH Matching Grant has been spent, I want to share with all of you where every penny was spent.

Rent: $20,037

Gas: $7,706

Electric: $8,896

Water/sewer: $1,797

Phone: $1,076

Food: $3,685

Toiletries: $403

Household necessities: $1,207

Beds: $437

Transportation: $4,758

I look forward to doing God's will and I thank all of you for doing your part. Together we make a big difference in our part of the United States. Thanks to your help, there are many families that are celebrating Christmas in their own homes, with heat and electricity and food on the table.

Merry Christmas.

 Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


A special thank you to: MLH, Bill and Lois McEssy, Richard and Jean Honeyager, Lynne Frost, Badger High School, Daniel and Donna Casey, Daniel and Kathi Stebnitz, Joseph and Barbara Spiegelhoff, Daniel and Angie Schmidt, David and Donna Jaeger, Ronald and Patricia Sarna, Ruth Pratt, Donna Woller, Georgette Klein, Joel and Susanne Nelson, Henry and Marilyn Renner, Scot and Mona Hodkiewicz, Peter and Debbi Kroening, Michol Ann Ford, Alfred and Mildred Thorson, Robert and Elizabeth Sanders, Neil Diercksmeier, Kathryn Frederick, Marilyn Slocum and Rona Frye.

Much needed cars: Please consider helping someone in need of a car in order to get to work and support their family. Instead of trading in a car, donate it to the Time Is Now To Help and receive a tax deduction.



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