Drive for Warmth

Assured Staffing leads the effort

(Published Dec. 28, 2006, 10:38 a.m.)

Being part of the community she puts to work, Roxanne Furrer, account specialist with Assured Staffing-Lake Geneva, 92 E. Geneva Square, Lake Geneva, 248-4437, heeded the call when she heard there were people heading off to work in the cold without coats, gloves and hats. Coordinating efforts with Eastview and Traver Schools as well as the Men and Women's Outreach Program of Williams Bay, Roxanne created the first Drive for Warmth sponsored by the Lake Geneva office of Assured Staffing.

"When I heard there were employees going heading off to work without coats and gloves to keep their fingers warm, my heart nearly broke," said Furrer in a news release. "I see a lot of people every day looking for jobs, trying their best to keep food on their tables and a roof over their head. Sometimes grabbing a coat off the hook as you head out to work isn't even given a second thought."

Furrer talked with representatives at the schools and outreach program and found there was a strong need for winter clothing.

Children's sizes will be given to the schools, adult sizes will go to the outreach program in Williams Bay. "Roxanne is right. There's a need in the community we serve and we aim to help," said Peter Gault, who manages Assured Staffing's Lake Geneva office. "I am surprised at the response. We've already received several donations. I'm also impressed with Roxanne and how much she genuinely cares."

Donations of coats, hats, gloves, blankets and other clothing will be accepted throughout the winter season at the Assured Staffing office.

For more information about Assured Staffing's services or the Drive for Warmth, contact the Lake Geneva office.



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