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Brockwell Bone: Bone Endustries

(Published Dec. 19, 2006, 11:38 a.m.)

Name: Brockwell Bone
Title: Proprietor
Company: Bone Endustries
Business Address: 201 Broad Street, Suite B-1, Lake Geneva
Phone Number: (262) 248-4900
Web site: www.bonendustries.com

Company's Product or Service: Bone Endustries is a full-service marketing firm, specializing in Internet marketing from planning and design to implementation and success measuring, Also offering professional marketing services including Web and print design.

What is your business philosophy? To serve small- and mid-sized companies with planned solutions at affordable prices.

Who has been an influential person in your life? Why? Robert Kyosaki. Robert, the author of Rich Dad, has a fantastic goal - to educate society on making money work you.

Do you have a favorite book, author or movie? What/Who is it? Why? My favorite fiction author is Dean Koontz; his writing is very visual, flows well and his books captivate the reader. My favorite non-fiction series of books are the Rich Dad series. These books break financial smarts down to an understandable level and the method of writing retains the reader's attention.

Partner's name and occupation: My girlfriend and business associate is Chris Dawley. She is a Burlington native.

Children's names and ages: Caleb, 10, and Ryan 6.

An interesting fact about your business or yourself: I am originally from Louisiana and have worked in a variety of fields for a variety of companies, giving me experience and knowledge on business types. Past positions include environmental manager for a sewage company with facilities in six states, tour guide at the Great Movie Ride in Walt Disney World and front desk positions which have developed my people skills.



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