McDonald's plans a full day of donations

Gross receipts to support Time is Now

(Published Dec. 13, 2006, 10:38 a.m.)

For the fourth year, participating McDonald's restaurants in the Walworth County area will be donating their gross proceeds from one day's sales to charity.

This coming Saturday, Dec. 16 will be McDonald's Annual Day to support The Time Is Now to Help, according to McDonald's owner Bill McEssy.

The Time is Now is a local philanthropic group that provides assistance to Walworth County residents in need.

The Week runs a letter each Sunday describing some of the people that are helped.

The participating McDonald's are: Lake Geneva, Lake Geneva Wal-Mart, Delavan, Elkhorn, East Troy, and Burlington.

All gross sales for the entire business day will go to the poverty-stricken.

The Time is Now will use this donation to supply food for the food pantries.

Have a meal that day, knowing that every penny spent is going to the poverty-stricken.

Many of the employees and staff have commented on how good they feel about doing this and seeing the proceeds going to help our poverty-stricken fellow Americans.

In addition, there will be Time Is Now to Help donation boxes in all of the participating McDonald's for the month of December.

The more money that can raised for food, the more food can be supplied throughout the year.

Winter months are especially tough for the poverty stricken, due to high utilities costs.

Every penny will be given to support the poverty stricken.



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