Company incorporates faux finishing

Cory's Painting Services to become Cory's Painting & Faux Finishing

(Published Dec. 12, 2006, 10:38 a.m.)

Cory Schlesner of Cory's Painting Services, W3769 Locust Drive, Lake Geneva, (262) 949-1789, has expanded his business to include custom styles of faux painting.

Faux finishing was originally developed during the Renaissance to imitate marble where actual marble could not be used structurally. This historic art technique has blossomed and now includes the application of paints, textures, colors and glazes to various surfaces to create the illusion of brick, wood, leather and lace, to name a few, in addition to the original marbling technique.

Schlesner recently attended one of the nation's top institutions in the art of faux, the Kelly S. King Academy of Faux Painting & Decorative Finishing in Omaha, Neb., to perfect this style of finishing.

Faux is an ideal fit for Schlesner, an artist at heart with a history of pottery and metallurgy. He intends to offer faux as an accent to his current painting business, working with interiors and exteriors in both the new construction and repaint markets.

Cory's Painting & Faux Finishing is a local family-owned and operated business and has been serving Lake Geneva and the surrounding areas for the past two years. Schlesner has also recently joined the Lakeland Builders Association where he hopes to continue serving his community and expanding his business.



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