LBA elves make holidays brighter

With help from the the EAHS Random Acts of Kindness Club

(Published Dec. 5, 2006, 10:38 a.m.)

Lakeland Builders Association (LBA) members and the Elkhorn High School Random Acts of Kindness Club are again joining forces to ensure that all deserving children in the Elkhorn area are not forgotten at Christmas.

What makes the Elkhorn Christmas Elves Toy Drive unique is no toys are collected. All monetary donations are used to buy age-appropriate toys, matching the interest and abilities of the kids who fill out the Christmas wish list.

LBA members coordinate the details and donate generously to the drive at their monthly meetings and at their annual holiday party in December.

Elkhorn High School Random Acts of Kindness Club helps with the monumental shopping trip, carefully choosing gifts on the wish list for each child. They also have the task of wrapping each gift and bundling the gifts together, designated for each family on the list.

Super Wal-Mart in Delavan will be the destination for the mega-shopping trip this year. Last year the store generously helped the Christmas Elves with an instant rebate on the gift purchases.

The criteria for help are those families in Elkhorn that are experiencing short- or long-term economic hardship. All families helped remain anonymous.

Today the need is even greater. Each year the list grows a little longer. Last year over $1,400 was spent and over 100 area children were helped. The toy drive includes younger siblings not in school and older siblings in high school as well. The elves never turn down anyone who request help.

"We gratefully appreciate what the Christmas Elves Toy Drive is able to accomplish for area families who have an especially difficult time financially at the holidays," said Mary Ellen Wright, Elkhorn School District social worker in a news release. "The Elkhorn High School Random Acts of Kindness Club members love pitching in with the shopping and wrapping of the gifts. This really is a heartwarming community project, bringing together the Lakeland Builders Association members, the schools and the residents of Elkhorn."

For more information, call 723-2908.



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