Woman overwhelmed with gratitude for new car

(Published Nov. 30, 2006, 5:00 p.m.)

Dear readers,

Before trading in your car, if it is financially possible for you, please consider donating it. There are many good people whose lives would be drastically improved if they had a car.

Several weeks ago, a wonderful lady, who had gone through some pain in her life but now had her life on track, decided to donate her used car to The Time Is Now to Help. God has blessed her with a much-improved life so she wanted to give back.

When she went to the car dealership, the salesman asked her if she would be trading in her used car.

The woman asked the car salesman if he knew about The Time Is Now to Help because she wanted to donate her used car. Coincidently, the salesman knew quite well about The Time is Now to Help. This lady graciously decided to donate her car to The Time Is Now to Help, instead of trading it in.

We always have a list of people who need cars. The people on this list need transportation to get to work, to provide food and shelter for their family. There are many families that have to do without food and daily necessities. There are also good people who do not have vehicles, or they are continually breaking down. I find a lot of people who have cars that have over 200,000 miles on them. Most of these people do not have reliable transportation and they are having a hard time maintaining their jobs.

The person we gave the car to is a single mother, struggling alone, trying to make it to work on time because her car was always breaking down and in need of repair. The windows did not open or close. The heater did not work and there were other mechanical problems that often left her stranded with her children, or on her way to work.

When we called to tell this woman we had a car for her, she was in shock. She said, "What do you mean a car for me?" She was overwhelmed with gratitude.

When we looked into her situation, we found that her employer said this lady was a good worker, but the inconsistency of getting to work on time, due to the car breaking down, was going to cost her her job. The employer knew there was a car problem, seeing the problem car first-hand.

After waiting for the mother to get over her initial shock, we made arrangements to meet. When she first saw the car, she said, "Where is the car for me?" She was told, "This is the one." She broke down crying and said, "This is the nicest car I've ever had!" This car had 120,000 miles on it, but it was in great condition. The Ministry of Mechanics went through it bumper to bumper, getting it back to good running order. Thank you, Lord, for the Ministry of Mechanics. The car was waxed and detailed; it looked good, ran good and was ready for many miles of transportation.

The car, that would have been valued at a few thousand dollars trade-in value, was appreciated so much more by this mother and her children. The lady who donated the car received so much more. When you get the Lord to smile upon you, how much more can you ask for? When I talked to the lady who donated the car, she was so happy. I could tell she felt the inside glow from her caring and sharing heart, knowing she did such a wonderful thing for a mother and her children who were hurting.

Please look in your hearts, see what you can do to help. We have many, many good people who need our help. Together we are making big strides/big differences throughout our local communities. Thank you.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone, WC

If anyone has a car they can donate, and wants to feel the gratitude of caring and sharing, please call (262) 249-7000. We have many in desperate need of reliable transportation, so they can regain their independence, retain their jobs, provide food and necessities for their families, and ease their pain and suffering.

I recently attended a silent auction/dinner to benefit Inspiration Ministries. Inspiration Ministries is a wonderful organization, devoted to helping people with disabilities. God bless each and every one of those who work, teach, volunteer, assist, and all the residents and participants of Inspiration Ministries. Here is love and care at its highest point.

One of the items up for auction was disc jockey for a day on 96.1, The Lake. When they were auctioning this off, I wondered, 'What is this?' Then I thought, 'What an opportunity to network with more people, in order to help even more poverty-stricken.'

I bid on it, thinking we could do a lot of good for the people. I won the disc jockey for a day. I am looking forward to speaking to everyone about the needs of our communities and what The Time Is Now to Help is doing to help and what we as fellow Americans can do together to help ease the pain and suffering of our poverty-stricken Americans.

Please tune in to WLKG, The Lake, 96.1 FM, date and time to be announced. It should be a fun day. I will be offering a surprise to the listeners. Please call in with any questions.

Please remember, when you decide to tune into the radio, when I do my letters, they are not only edited by my two assistants, but also by the editors of the newspaper. Remember, we are going to be live on the radio, so we thank the owners of WLKG, Tom and Barb Kwiatkowski, and the general manager, Nancy Douglass, for the disc jockey for the day, caring and sharing, and for letting me speak out for The Time Is Now to Help. Thank you one and all. God Bless all of you.

I am looking forward to talking with everyone on the air and in our next column.

A special thank you to: Shirley Abell, Dr. Donna Stackpool, owner of Stackpool Chiropractic and her staff, Joan Couture, Ron and Amy Amann, Nancy and Francis Branfort, Joel and Sue Nelson, Bryon and Judy Deneberg, Leland and Linda Swenson, Frank and Ann Huml, Bill Lundberg, Frank Lueptow's Frank's County Market, Daniels Sentry Food Store of Walworth and Elkhorn, the Ministry of Mechanics, Frank Guske, Paul Ziegler and the Ziegler Charitable Foundation, Nancy and Leo Grace, in memory of Father David Braun.

A big thank you to: Lakeland Builders Association, Lakes Area Women's Society, Trinity Church Men's Ministry and all those who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, including the businesses that allow our donation boxes in their places of business. For a Time Is Now to Help donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.


Local artist Jackie Klish selling one-of-a-kind sterling silver pendants, with choice of gem stones, pearls, or cameos. Twenty percent of profits will be donated to The Time Is Now to Help. Stop in at Germaine's Bridal Shop, at 234 Broad St. in Lake Geneva, to get the perfect gift for your perfect someone, on Saturday Dec. 9 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. or Sunday Dec. 10 from noon-4 p.m.

The East Branch of First Banking Center in Lake Geneva, 550 Commercial Court, behind Wal-Mart, is encouraging customers to become a shining star in our community. Stars are available for one dollar, and all proceeds will go to The Time Is Now to Help. For every donation, customers will receive a glittered star in which they can write their name on, and stars will be hung inside the bank. Stop in to get your shining star, and help support the local poverty-stricken.




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