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Lowe’s revamps Delavan park

Heroes Program brings out the best

(Published Nov. 28, 2007, 12:01 p.m.)

As part of the Lowe’s Heroes Program, several Lowe’s employees donated their time to put a brand new roof on the shelter in Delavan’s Upper Springs Park. In addition, the employees also painted the interior of the shelter with paint donated from Valspar. The local project was part of a nationwide program in which thousands of Lowe’s employees have completed similar projects for non-profit organizations in their communities.

With the program goal of improving the communities in which Lowe’s stores reside in mind, store managers Bryan Lopata and Ann Kirkpatrick contacted Jeff Malloy, Delavan Parks and Recreation Department director, for project ideas.

“We have a good quality park system, and the shelter in Upper Springs Park is used by hundreds of people each year,” Malloy said. “The shelter roof was in need of re-shingling due to its age and damage caused by vandals who climbed on top of the shelter, ripped shingles off and threw them around the park.”

While tearing off the shingles, Lowe’s employees discovered several rotten and damaged roof boards. Lopata asked if his crew could replace the roof deck as well. And they did!

“Many thanks to Lowe’s and its employees for a job well done,” Malloy said.




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