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Divine Unrest by local filmmaker to premiere in Lake Geneva

Whitewater filmmaker’s fourth movie

Donna Lenz Wright/The Week

(Published Nov. 21, 2007, 11:34 a.m.)

OK indie film fans, here is the latest installation, and it’s a good one.

Divine Unrest has a couple of ingredients that make it especially interesting. First—no indie film judgment intended—this film’s quality is Hollywood level.

The photography is beautiful and very professional, with shots from all angles and depths. The sound is also really up there in quality. Special effects with sound and lighting are there, generally not the rule for indie films due to their difficulty and expensive equipment needs.

“To make films, it’s one thing to do it with camcorders and another to do it the right way,” said Glenn Norgren, assistant director, who also plays Leo in the film.

“It’s amazing how (Producer/Director Dave Dietrich) has pieced it together with his resources. He’s pretty clever. He’s built his own stuff to get the professional shots and angles—very impressive.”

Second, the people and places involved are both local and West Coast—indies are usually one or the other.

Divine Unrest is Dietrich’s fourth indie film. He owns and operates TamarackRoadProductions in Whitewater.

The film starts out following the lead character, Fin, through his childhood in Wisconsin. Scenes are shot in a Lake Como neighborhood, the Brass Rail in Whitewater and private homes in both places and in Illinois.

It follows Fin to adult years in San Francisco, where the rest of the film is shot. It took one year to complete the project.

The storyline follows Fin as he tries to maintain a healthy relationship with the woman he loves, but his addiction makes it impossible to maintain.

The film got its title because divine unrest is a term that describes spiritual restlessness resulting from attempts to quench a thirst that cannot be satisfied.

While the theme is definitely adult, there is no nudity or anything that would be offensive to view, Norgren says.

Norgren’s character, Leo, is Fin’s friend and adviser who lets him move into his house after a fight with his girlfriend leaves him without a place to stay.

“(Fin) just keeps getting into one bad jam after another. It’s amazing—he has such bad luck.

“Leo kind of lends the comic relief.”

The characters run the gambit and there’s someone for every viewer to relate to, he says.

“Everyone who sees it says they know somebody like them—Fin, Leo or any of the others.”

Each film Dietrich has made has gotten him closer to the real big screen, and this one is his best work by far, Norgren said.

“Every time David does something he just gets twice as good.

“Our last film got around pretty good, but it was not quite ready for prime time—but this one is ready.”

The one-night premier is set for Saturday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Geneva 4 Theatre, 244 Broad St., Lake Geneva. Tickets are $5. For more information, a complete cast list with credits and to watch the trailer, visit www.divineunrest.com.





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