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Walworth Township development on hold

(Published Nov. 19, 2007, 2:49 p.m.)

It's back to the drawing board for Williams Bay developer Robert Clemen--that is, if he wants the chance at having the Walworth County Zoning Agency Committee approve his proposal for 140 acres in Walworth Township.

 "I'm not sure I'm ready to deny the whole project," committee member Gregory Holden said.

 "I'd be more likely to support something with a lot less density."

On Thursday, Nov. 15, committee tabled for 30 days Clemen's application to rezone 140 acres in Walworth Township from agricultural holding to planned residential.

The site is located east of County O and south of South Shore Drive.

Clemen is proposing 82 single-family homes and 60 two-family units on 90 acres in a conservation-style development called Covered Bridges.

The remaining 50 acres would be open space and include a couple miles of walking trails.

About three dozen people attended a public hearing on the rezone request.

While few spoke in favor of the development, a dozen spoke against it.

Among their concerns were losing the town's rural character, density and the development's effect on Delavan Lake.



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