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Genoa City couple creates art from cans

Donna Lenz Wright/The Week

(Published Nov. 12, 2007, noon)

His is an intricate replica of 20th century George DeBothezat's helicopter with propellers over the nose, tail and wings.

Hers is a sharp-toothed Venus flytrap guzzling a softdrink.

These are the entries that landed a Genoa City couple's creative creations two of few spots in the Red Bull Art of Can competition, crafted primarily out of Red Bull Energy Drink aluminum cans.

Caleb and Kate Horn are two of only 39 artists chosen from hundreds of entries worldwide to earn spots in the exhibit at the River East Art Center in Chicago, on display through Nov. 18.

Winners were based on the overall creativity, execution and construction of each piece and chosen by a standup group of 10 renowned artists and announced Nov. 9, the first day of the exhibit and unfortunately after press time (results available at www.redbullartofcan.com.)

Caleb, 26, is a tool and die expert with a shop full of equipment and software. He's been a regular the Red Bull contest with five go-rounds, winning second place in Red Bull Art of Can in Minneapolis, Minn., with a sculpture of a plane, winning a trip to Miami's Art Basel exhibition.

His hobby gives question of a dual meaning to Kate's entry being titled, "Inevitable."

It could mean that it's inevitable that the flytrap (aka Red Bull) will guzzle the other drinks in the market; or it could mean that she would inevitably try her hubby's hobby sooner or later.

Caleb's entry, "Strange Bird," is a far different entry type than his usual vehicle-centered focuses. He once even piloted a human-powered aircraft over (and into) Lake Erie.

"(DeBothezat's) was one of the first helicopters and an ambitious effort," Caleb said. "Art is in everything we see, every day."

The first-place prize this year is a trip to Art Basel in Switzerland, the world's leading modern art gallery.

The Red Bull Art of Can exhibit and competition at the Starr Gallery in the River East Art Center, 435 E. Illinois St., Chicago, showcases a wide variety of art made from recycled materials created with or inspired by Red Bull Energy Drink cans. Professional and amateur artists of all ages and occupations enter this contest. Entries include an 8-foot bird, a 4-foot aluminum-scaled crocodile, an embellished evening gown, a samurai helmet and a recycled rooster held for ransom.






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