'Peeping Tom' suspect arrested in Whitewater

By Mike Heine/The Week

(Published Nov. 20, 2006, 11:38 a.m.)

Whitewater police Wednesday arrested a man suspected of entering a woman's apartment Nov. 9 and attempting to sexually assault her.

The woman was able to kick the man away and call police, Whitewater Lt. Lisa Otterbacher said.

"She's very lucky, and she did everything right," Otterbacher said. "She made the right decisions."

The man ran out of the apartment before police arrived.

Police arrested suspect Craig A. Voegeli, 21, on Wednesday night after police say he was engaged in "Peeping Tom behavior," Otterbacher said.

He matches the description of the man in the apartment, police say.

Craig Voegeli

Voegeli, 720 W. Walworth St., Whitewater, is in the Walworth County Jail facing potential charges of attempted second-degree sexual assault, burglary and disorderly conduct, Assistant District Attorney Diane Donohoo said.

Judge John Race ordered a $50,000 bond.

While in custody, Voegeli made admissions to the Nov. 9 assault, Donohoo said.

Voegeli has had previous run-ins with police.

He has pending felony child abuse and misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges from this summer.

Online court records show he was ticketed for possessing drug paraphernalia, spent 90 days in jail after his probation was revoked from a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction and that he was given three years probation for misdemeanor theft by fraud.

Voegeli also pleaded guilty in a 2003 case to three misdemeanor counts of having sex with a minor age 16 or older.

The Nov. 9 incident was isolated, and police had no similar complaints recently, Otterbacher said.

Donohoo said there have been several complaints of a Peeping Tom in Whitewater recently.

The attack of the 18-year-old woman happened in an apartment south of the UW-Whitewater campus, Donohoo said.

Otterbacher reminded all residents to lock their doors after getting home and to be aware of their surroundings. She said it's wise to close window shades or curtains, especially at night.

"It's not illegal to stand on a sidewalk and look into someone's home," she said.



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