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Trying to get by on Disability is a disability

(Published Oct. 25, 2007, 3:48 p.m.)

Send your donation to: The Time Is Now to Help, PO Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157


Editor's Note: The following is a letter to The Time Is Now, a private charity serving Walworth County. The founder, who knew poverty as a child, now provides help for those in need. Every penny donated goes to the needy for daily necessities of life. Donors will receive a tax-deductible itemized receipt showing exactly where every penny was spent. We'll publish a letter most weeks.

Dear WC,

Would you please check in on our neighbor? I know you have helped this person before, but I feel help is needed. A terrible car accident left this person a quadriplegic struggling to get by on disability.

A concerned neighbor

Dear Readers:

The neighbor who wrote in was correct to be concerned about one of our neighbors. Once again help with utilities and food was needed. When I first contacted our friend he was not very open about needing any help. When we got together, I asked him a question, knowing that I needed to get him to open up.

"Would you ever lie to me?"

"Why would you ask me a question like that?" he said with a shocked look on his face. "I would never lie to you. You have been a good friend to me. The Time Is Now To Help has changed my life and has brought me many other friends. Why would you ask me if I would lie to you? Of course I would never lie to you."

"I will ask you the same questions I asked you on the phone when you told me everything was fine," I said. "How are you doing financially? Do you need any help with food? Do you need any help with rent or utilities? Perhaps you have gotten a much larger check from disability than usual."

"No, my check has not gotten any bigger. It is still the same," he said looking me straight in the eye. "Our government must think that we live in the 1950s to get by with the money they send."

Then he looked down and I could see he was very saddened.

"I hope our friendship makes you happy," I said.

He responded that it did.

"Then please, don't look sad," I said. "Answer me truthfully, do you need help?"

He closed his eyes and quietly answered yes.

"My dear friend, if I or anyone else needed your help I know you would be there for them."

"Of course I would," he said. "I wish I could do more. I wish I could be more productive like I used to be before I became trapped in this body. It is very hard to live from day-to-day, to be like this."

"We will be there for you," I told him.

Actually, earlier that day I received a telephone call from Bill McEssy asking me if I had time to talk, but I was on my way to a Time Is Now mission.

"Well, is there anything I could do to help?" he asked.

"Bill, I thank you for asking the right question. Yes, there is. I am still behind in my requests and I have a request from a person who we helped before."

"Call me after you meet," he said. "I want to take care of this request."

So once again, all of us coming together, caring and sharing, and Bill being blessed as he has been, have come forward to help one of God's creations.

I hope you will look into your hearts as I still have more requests that need to be filled. Thank you for reading and networking our column to your friends, neighbors, families and business associates. The more people we can network, the more help we can give.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


A special thank you to: Glenn and Jeanne Dyer, Bill and Lois McEssy, Phil and Joan Parisi, Jeff Jacobson, Richard and Jean Honeyager, Al and Ellen Burnell, Elizabeth and James Bach, Harry and Phyllis Tiggemann, Russ and Betsy Perkins, Henry and Mary Gorr, William and Jean Isaacson, Carl and Karen Zilke, Elizabeth Wallace, Joyce Lawton, Pat Ebert, Arlene Long, Flitcroft Septic Systems, Fit for a Queen, Walworth County area Retired Educators Association, Richard and Elizabeth Czaja, Richard and Kathryn West and all of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes.

Pick 'N Save We Care Program: Please sign up for the We Care Program at your local Pick 'N Save. A percentage of each purchase will go directly to The Time is Now to Help by designating account No. 832410, on your Advantage Plus Savers Club Card application.

Endowments/helping others through your will: For those of you who wish to leave an endowment for the poverty stricken, we would greatly accept any gifts. Please think of those in desperate need, good people, living in fear of poverty and consider helping them through your will. Every dollar will go to the poverty stricken.

Donate stocks/ mutual funds, let the government contribute: Consider donating shares of appreciated stocks and mutual funds to The Time Is Now to Help and receive twice the benefits from your gift.

Much needed cars: Instead of trading in your car, donate it to The Time Is Now To Help and receive a tax deduction for the full value.



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