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It's a werewolf, if you can catch it

Book signing Nov. 10

Dan Plutchak /The Week

(Published Oct. 22, 2007, 4:05 p.m.)

As the story of the Beast of Bray Road shows, there's probably no better place to write about werewolves than Walworth County.

Lake Geneva author Chad Long takes his own look at the werewolf legend with his newly released, The Lycan Journal.

Long will be signing copies of his book Saturday, Nov. 10, at Books & Brew in Milton from 10 a.m.-noon.

In Long's thriller, a lycan, or shape shifter, appears to be a werewolf who has taken on a human form.

The story follows eighth grader Gordo Gates' search for a cure for his ailing father.

A bounty hunter by profession, Gates' father became ill after an attack by a mysterious international fugitive he had been sent out to capture.

Gates soon learns that cause for an illness like his father's could only come from a lycan.

Now it becomes a race against time to save his father's life.

Long says he's always been fascinated by werewolves, and based the character of the narrator loosely on his own experiences.

"I liked the idea of the narrator being afraid of what he was writing about," Long said.

Long is currently pursuing a degree in marketing from UW-Whitewater, and along with his degree in graphic design from Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn, the book project was a natural fit.

In addition to the nine months it took to write the book, Long created the illustrations using a computer.

He's now marketing the book with a series of book signings as well as a companion Web site. The books are also available at Amazon.com, which has already ordered additional copies, Long said.

Long says he liked being in control of all aspects of the publication. "I liked seeing it come together as a final product," Long said.

The book should be a hit with those who like a scary mystery. "People who enjoy fantasy, satire, humor ... and a search for treasure should enjoy this one," Long said.

His next book signing will be Saturday, Nov. 10 at Book & Brew in Milton from 10 a.m.-noon.

The Lycan Journal can be ordered through amazon.com or www.lycanjournal.com.


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