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Target opens in Lake Geneva

Everything from pet supplies to pharmacy needs

(Published Oct. 17, 2007, 1:29 p.m.)

You’ll get a fast fun and friendly shopping experience when you visit the brand new Target, 660 N. Edwards Blvd., Lake Geneva, 248-5610.

Thom Bartek, Jr., executive team leader of guest experience, says it’s his goal for every shopper to enjoy shopping at this spacious and shiny new store.

 “Any experience a guest has in our store is my responsibility,” Bartek said in a news release. “My team is here to make sure guests have a fast, fun and friendly experience.”

A quick tour of this new 127,000-square-foot store quickly confirms that guests will indeed find that kind of shopping experience at Target. Starting just inside the main entrance where guest service towers are strategically placed, team members are always present to direct you to your shopping destination. In addition, guest service phones are placed throughout the store along with barcode scanners to check prices. If you need help just pick up a phone and someone will be at your side in less than 60 seconds, Bartek said.

Next to the guest service towers is the photo lab, which offers one-hour photo development. Guests may also download and print pictures from their digital camera card here, allowing for even quicker turn-around time.

A pharmacy is also placed near the entrance. Gerry Lau, executive team leader of the pharmacy, said they are set to provide comprehensive medical needs and pharmaceutical assistance to customers. Target pharmacies are home to a unique ClearRX form of packaging for the drugs you and your family take. The rectangular, wedge-shaped bottles are color coded with a ring around the top, which clearly identifies which family member the medicine belongs to. The design of the bottle allows for easy read of the label and a magnifier is slipped in to allow those who have trouble reading small print to clearly read the directions. Studies done by Target show that 96 percent of the population preferred these bottles.

Target also offers a wide array of generic prescription drugs for only $4 for a month’s supply. Lau said a list of the offered drugs is available at the pharmacy.

The Lake Geneva Target store also contains an extensive grocery section, including dairy products and a wide variety of frozen goods as well as staple items. A bastion of freezers and coolers provide space for a wide variety of Target brand Archer Farms products, as well as many other popular brands, Bartek said. A selection of frozen meats makes it easy to pick up items for dinner.

A large seasonal area currently is filled with Halloween paraphernalia. Next up will be Christmas items and after Christmas shoppers will find a Global Bazaar in this part of the store where you can purchase items from all over the world.

Got a pet? You’ll find plenty of choices in food, toys and other basic supplies for your animal in the pet section of Target. And a wide variety of sporting goods, including bicycles, will attract the shopper who is looking for active lifestyle accessories.

Target offers a large section of the store devoted to electronics and technology, Bartek said. An extensive area for gaming systems is carefully designed so that accessories are conveniently placed next to each brand of gaming systems. You can even try out a game on the store’s system before you buy it. A wide selection of TVs, including HDTVs and digital flat screen models, await the savvy shopper. And camcorders and digital cameras abound, along with lots of CDs, DVDs and computer accessories.

A lot of Target shoppers wind up in the clothing section where they’ll find clothing that’s up-to-date and reasonably priced for every member of the family, from infants to adults. A good selection of shoes, a nice selection of men’s suits reasonably priced and a convenient fitting room to try on your purchase are all available. A popular part of the clothing section is an area displaying clothing designed exclusively for Target by designers from around the world, all at discount prices.

If you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding or anniversary, you can easily create a guest registry list at this Target store. You’ll be provided with a hand-held scanner, and all you need to do to create your list is to walk around the store and scan the items you would like included. The list can then be accessed online or at any Target store across the nation. Nothing could be more fast, fun or friendly.

There’s no reason to be hungry while you’re shopping Target either. You’ll find a handy Starbucks coffee and a Pizza Hut Express at the front of the store where you can stop for a caffeine jolt or a hot pizza to help you continue on your shopping trip.

Target’s first store opened in Roseville, Minn., in 1962. Its on-trend merchandise at affordable prices launched a new era in discount retailing. Today, Target operates approximately 1,500 stores in 47 states, including more than 175 SuperTarget stores that add an upscale grocery shopping experience.

Be sure to visit the new Lake Geneva store soon, located next to Home Depot. The store is open Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m., and 8 a.m.-9 p.m. on Sundays.





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