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Pentair consolidation could affect Delavan operation

---Plant in Nebraska to close next year

Mike Heine/The Week

(Published Oct. 15, 2007, 2:37 p.m.)

Pentair, a water pump manufacturer based out of Golden Valley, Minn., announced last month it will close a plant in Grand Island, Neb., and consolidate with plants in Delavan and in Mexico.

The closure, which will be phased through next September, will cut more than 75 jobs.

It is unclear yet how many, if any, jobs would come to Delavan as part of the consolidation, said Steve Duea, vice president of human resources for the pump division.

"It's a possibility. I would say it would not be a lot," he said.

Delavan is the headquarters of Pentair's pump division.

"The specifics of which product lines will go where and when, that's still in the process of being worked through," Duea said.

Agricultural and industrial pumps under the Berkley brand name are produced in Grand Island.

Delavan's two plants produce mostly residential pumps, such as sump and well pumps.

The consolidation will not eliminate the brand name or Berkley product lines, Duea said.

The Grand Island plant has 87 employees and was one of Pentair's smaller facilities, Mary Jo Surges, vice president and general manager of Pentair told to Associated Press.

She said the consolidation was needed for the company to remain competitive.

"It's a reflection that we have some capacity and we want to best leverage our capacity," Duea said. "Grand Island was one of our smaller facilities. As part of our consolidation efforts, it made sense that that one could be closed down."

Fewer than 10 people would be retained in Grand Island for customer service and special orders.



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