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Safety always present in Discovery Toys

New safety guidelines have always been the norm

(Published Oct. 10, 2007, 3:49 p.m.)

Discovery Toys, 473-4103, has always had the highest of standards in the safety of all of their toys—including the paint used on them.

And the new fall catalog has arrived, filled with toys that have always been safety/quality inspected—not just when it became newsworthy in the past month.

Feel good about giving great educational, fun and guaranteed products to the children in your world.  

It’s estimated that retail store and Internet toy prices will be increasing 10-15 percent just to cover increased safety costs. But Discovery Toys have always had these safety inspections and practices so you won’t see that from them.

Additionally, Discovery Toys is offering an exclusive wooden rotating Scrabble set as a hostess bonus and catalog parties count for hostess bonuses. Hostesses earn an average of $120 in free toys—a perfect use for the upcoming holiday season.

It’s much more fun to see Discovery Toys “live”  at a party, office set-up, school fundraiser or a personal shopping appointment just for you. For more information, to try hostessing or to set up a party, call Christine Tabaka, executive manager at 473-4103 or e-mail toyshop@idcnet.com.




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