Family marks Glatz Gardens farewell


(Published October. 20, 2006, 12:18 p.m.)

Business and birthday celebrated with plaque at Delavan Rotary Gardens

By Donna Lenz Wright

The Week

Glatz Gardens celebrates the closing of their business along with Louis J. Glatz's 80th birthday today in a very special way.

Glatz family and friends will celebrate the longevity of the business with a small gathering at the store in Elkhorn, then head to Delavan Rotary Gardens to celebrate Glatz's birthday with a special surprise-the Garden Partners pathways and a 14-inch-by-8-inch bronze plaque dedicated to Glatz that reads, "Thanks Dad, our garden partner. Louis J. Glatz. Dedicated October 22, 2006."

"Glatz Gardens was actually a five-year proposition in the beginning," said Glatz's daughter and business partner, Connie Glatz-Helms. "So, going into our 13th year in business, it's gone much longer than we initially planned."

Over the years, Glatz Gardens, 1522 Lincoln St., Elkhorn, became one of our area's most popular antique, collectible, florist and home and garden centers.

But Glatz-Helms would like to move away from the retail aspect of the business and spend more time working in horticulture, she said.

"My passion is the plants," she said. "And Dad has been a gardener since he was 5. So I thought this would be a nice way to bring the closing of the store and Dad's birthday together."

Glatz-Helms has been on the board of directors for the Delavan Rotary Gardens for the past two years and would like to spend more time beautifying the gardens and working with plants.

Family members are coming from as far away as Texas and Washington, D.C. to celebrate around the 30-ton granite fountain designed as a symbol of humankind, with each stone representing one of the seven continents.

"The water gently basks each stone and serves as a metaphor of the common thread uniting us all," Glatz-Helms said. The stones were donated, selected and arranged by Prakash and Maria Chadha of Delavan.

Rotary Gardens is a public park available for weddings and family outings for a very minimal fee, she said, suggesting it as the perfect setting for a spring bride to consider now.

"There's fishing in the pond, a walking trail, dogs are allowed and we have plans for extensive expansion in the garden," she said.

"Rotary Gardens is supported in part by Rotary International, but also by individual contributions," she said. Contributions can be in the form of funds or by purchasing small things like flowerpots, tribute plaques, plants and flowers, or larger items like benches, pathways and trees.

For more information about Rotary Gardens or tribute gifts call Doreen Grams at 728-3064. For reservation information, call Scott Endl at 728-5585 ext. 132.





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