Radio show causes flood of calls

(Published October. 4, 2006, 8:38 a.m.)

Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling blasted the Walworth County Board on his Sept. 28 show, saying the proposed 9.55 percent levy increase is intolerable.

"There is nothing extraordinary going on in Walworth County that would explain this," Belling said on WISN radio.

"It is simply a case of elected officials, in this case members of the Walworth County Board, that absolutely refuse to show any kind of restraint in their spending," he added.

Belling criticized the county for running a school for children with disabilities and the board considering spending $22 million for a new school.

"That is as close to insane as anything I can imagine," Belling said. "These are the kinds of decisions you have made by politicians who are under no pressure to show any kind of spending restraint."

County Administrator David Bretl said his office was "flooded" with calls yesterday afternoon after the segment aired.

He said the county's budget hinges much on staff-intensive, non-mandated services provided for citizens.

"There's a direct correlation to the level of services that the board has chosen to provide and where the tax levy increase lies," Bretl said.

The public budget hearing is Thursday, Oct. 26.




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