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Spend a day in the country with the Harvest Festival & Farm Tour

(Published Sept. 26, 2007, 3:15 p.m.)

With the interest in family farming and organic foods on the rise, several Walworth County farms along with Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, will open their barn doors and host a series of "open houses" October 6 - 7 and October 13.

The Harvest Festival & Farm Tour will feature a variety of family-friendly activities, demonstrations, seminars and farmer's markets at Michael Fields and at several Walworth County farms.

Visitors are encouraged to spend the day in the country, explore life on the farm and gain valuable insight on the issues of local food production and farming.

A variety of presentations will be held each day of the tour with offerings including horse grooming and goat herding demonstrations, and a lecture by Mark McKibben, founder of Uriel Pharmacy, specializing in the creation of natural medicines.

An antique tractor display, children's entertainment and breakfast on the farm will also be featured, as will a day of dairy education at a family-operated dairy farm where visitors will have the opportunity to milk a cow and feed the calves.

"This is a unique opportunity for families and for those interested in organic farming to visit the source and to discover some of the secrets behind farming, crop selection and to participate in fun, informative seminars and demonstrations," Ron Doetch, executive director of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute was quoted as saying in a news release.

According to the Walworth County Visitors' Bureau, one of the event sponsors, all of the farms participating in the festival are family or cooperatively owned and operate in a way that protects and sustains the region's land and water resources.

Participants include:
• Brockmeyer Farms in Whitewater
• Uriel Pharmacy and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy
• Yuppie Hill Poultry in Burlington
• MoonStar Farm and Wilson Farm Meats in Elkhorn


There is no charge to attend the Harvest Festival & Farm Tour. Fresh produce and other items direct from the farm will be available for purchase. For a detailed downloadable brochure on Walworth County's Harvest Festival and Farm Tour, visit www.countrywithcharacter.com or call the Walworth County Visitors' Bureau at (262) 723-3980.



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