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Aurora has new VP

Moser fills new position

(Published Sept. 26, 2007, 4:40 p.m.)

Michael Moser has been named vice president and chief operating officer for George Williams College (GWC) of Aurora University (AU) at Williams Bay, a new position, effective Sept. 1. Currently an Aurora resident, Moser will relocate to Walworth.

AU President Rebecca L. Sherrick made the announcement. She said, "Under Mike's leadership, we will continue to build the infrastructure to support our programs at George Williams College.  I am grateful for Mike's willingness to accept this new role."

Moser formerly was vice president for student life. He joined AU in January 2002 as assistant vice president for advancement and was named assistant provost before becoming vice president.

His new responsibilities include oversight of campus safety, infrastructure, physical facilities, food service and conference facilities at GWC.

Moser received a bachelor's degree from North Central College in 1970 and a master's in divinity from Garrett Theological Seminary in 1973.




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