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Legacy of love

--- National Assisted Living Week is Sept. 9-15

(Published sept. 17, 2007, 2:39 p.m.)

Legacies define us as individuals and will influence future generations. Moreover, sharing a legacy offers a chance to remember with love and fondness some aspects of our lives.

Sunday, Sept. 9 is Grandparents Day and the nation's more than 36,000 assisted-living facilities kick off the 13th Annual National Assisted Living Week celebration based on the theme "Legacies of Love." 

More than 1 million seniors and people with disabilities who call assisted living home will begin sharing their legacies with each other during the weeklong national celebration.

 Vintage on the Ponds, N4901 Dam Road, Delavan, 728-2171, provides all phases of care for the elderly and will host an open house Sept. 9, 1-4 p.m.

Each of Vintage on the Ponds' residents has a unique story to tell, a proud heritage to celebrate and keepsakes to share. In addition, the activities will highlight the privilege, the value and responsibility of passing the legacies of our elders down through the generations.

 The late Elvis Presley once said, "Do something worth remembering."

They encourage all to visit Vintage on the Ponds Sept. 9 to celebrate National Assisted Living Week. Spending time with Vintage on the Ponds residents can be that special something worth remembering.



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