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Elkhorn Area Chamber of Commerce

(Published Sept. 17, 2007, 2:38 p.m.)

Health & Wellness Synergies, (414) 217-0084, www.HWSynergies.com, recently joined the Elkhorn chamber. Health & Wellness Synergies is a wellness company that focuses on educating and consulting both individuals and businesses about how to incorporate wellness practices into their lives and businesses. Front row ,from left, Julie Lopez and Deb Goldmann, Health & Wellness Synergies; and Tobie Watts and Chris Clapper, chamber representatives. Back row from left: Krieg, Mary Bryson, Kathy Follet and Shirley Mason, chamber representatives.

Bonestroo, Inc., 7 S. Wisconsin St. (second floor), Elkhorn, 723-8110, www.bonestroo.com, recently joined the Elkhorn chamber. Bonestroo has specialized in providing innovative, practical engineering solutions since 1956. Based in Minnesota, Illnois and Wisconsin, their over 500 employees include civil, structural and electrical engineers; water and wastewater engineers; traffic and transportation engineers; architects, planners and funding specialists; and GIS specialists, surveyors and construction services personnel. From left: Jean Krieg, Chris Clapper and Shirley Mason, chamber ambassadors; and Tobie Watts, Gary Welsh and Paul Lohmiller, Bonestroo.



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