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Walworth County Board OKs new district boundaries

The map outlining Walworth County's 11 supervisory districts is nearly official.

(Published Sept. 12, 2007, 4:21 p.m.)

The county board unanimously approved the lines created by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The lines were created after a voter-initiated referendum in April mandated the board shrink from 25 to 11 members.

Philip Evenson, executive director of the regional planning commission, said the lines are virtually the same as those proposed earlier this summer. The only tweaks are to four areas annexed recently in Whitewater, Lake Geneva and Fontana.

The proposed lines will be sent to the state for final approval, but no complications are expected.

The maps will be posted soon on the county Web site for viewing, and copies are available for purchase from the county zoning office.

By cutting 14 positions from the board, only one new district has one incumbent. The rest either have two or three incumbents.

Candidates can take out nomination papers in early December.



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