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Delavan Township woman dies in garage fire

Woman was trying to put out blaze

(Published Sept. 05, 2007, 2:58 p.m.)

A woman died in a garage fire Saturday afternoon at 4106 Maple Drive in Delavan Township.

Charlotte S. Alexander, 84, was dead when firefighters arrived at the scene around 3 p.m., fire chief Gerald Edwards said. Edwards said he thought smoke inhalation was the cause of death.

"'Smoky' was not the word for it," Edwards said. "There were just huge amounts of plastic in there."

The cause of the fire is not suspicious and is still under investigation, but Edwards thinks cigarettes or a citronella candle were the cause.

Alexander was trying to put out the fire with a broom when the overhead garage door closed and melted, Edwards said.

A firefighter was injured while trying to break into the back door to the garage. The door was blocked, and firewood was stacked in front of it.



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