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Walworth library director accused of furnishing alcohol to minors

Mike Heine/The Week

(Published Aug. 24, 2007, 2:55 p.m.)

Along with loaning books, Walworth Memorial Library Director Bobbi Sorrentino was loaning children alcohol this summer, police and court records allege.

Sorrentino has 31 outstanding tickets for providing alcohol to minors from two separate incidents last May.

Fifteen of the tickets were issued by the village of Fontana police for an underage drinking party allegedly held near her home on Willow Bend Road.

The Walworth County Sheriff's Department issued 16 tickets for a party that occurred at a location in Walworth Township where Sorrentino allegedly provided alcohol.

The dates of the parties were May 4 and May 18, respectively, according to a village of Fontana police report.

If convicted of all counts, Sorrentino, 46, faces fines totaling $9,383.

Her attorney, Stephen Kramer, expects the citations to be resolved soon.

He said Sorrentino is fighting the allegations she provided alcohol to the minors at the party near her home.

Sorrentino has a court date in Walworth County Circuit Court on Sept. 14, and one in the Fontana Municipal Court on Sept. 27.

Per department policies, police issued Sorrentino one ticket for each underage person at the party. The juveniles cited were between ages 15 and 18, Fontana Police Chief Steve Olson.

Most of the juveniles cited by Fontana police have pleaded guilty to underage consumption of alcohol, Olson said.

Kramer said the situations are isolated and do not hamper Sorrentino's ability to perform her job as library director.

"I think it's totally unrelated to her position and I don't think this reflects on it," he said.

Sorrentino started as a librarian in Walworth in 1999 and became director in 2003.

The library's board of trustees has been satisfied with her work, said Martha Swanson, board secretary.

"She's very much on the ball and done a wonderful job for us," Swanson said. "We have been very pleased with how she runs the library."

Swanson was unaware of the citations and declined to comment on them. She did not believe other board members knew of the pending citations.


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