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Planning ahead pays off

---AG Edwards' Jensen earns two certifications

(Published Aug. 22, 2007, 2:43 p.m.)

Steve Jensen, financial consultant with the Elkhorn office of A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., has earned two designations, professional money management consultant and business services consultant, after completing the investment planning, financial planning process and insurance curricula of the certified financial planner certification program.

"Financial consultants who are awarded the professional money management consultant designation have in-depth knowledge of money managers' styles and disciplines and know how to help investors choose appropriate solutions," said Tyson Ray, branch manager of A.G. Edwards' Elkhorn office in a news release. "Financial consultants who are awarded the business services consultant designation are better equipped to address the needs of business owners with appropriate products and services."

To become a professional money management consultant, Jensen successfully completed approximately 100 hours of study, which addresses the investment planning process, the types and characteristics of various securities and the markets in which they trade, general securities laws, securities analysis and valuation, performance measurement, common investment strategies and client assessment. More than seven hours of supplementary courses on the latest managed money alternatives available through A.G. Edwards were also required.

To become a business services consultant, Jensen successfully completed approximately 100 hours of study, which addressed subjects such as the financial planning process, the time value of money principles, education funding and insurance coverage including the business uses of life insurance. Over three hours of supplementary courses on the latest A.G. Edwards tools and techniques offered through A.G. Edwards University were also required.

Jensen lives in Delavan Township with his wife, Andrea, and has been with A.G. Edwards since 2001. He was recently named Financial Consultant of the Year for the Elkhorn office.

A.G. Edwards

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