New college students get a leg up

UW-Whitewater enrollment continues to grow

(Published August 28, 2006 at 11:31 a.m.)

A record number -1,300- first-year students at UW-Whitewater will participate in the university's New Student Seminar course this fall.

"I am so excited for where we are this fall," Linda Long, assistant dean of student life was quoted in a university news release. "Our message is that we really do care about our first-year students' success. The students should really take advantage of this."

According to Long, student enrollment in the course has steadily increased since 2001 when the course became available as a one-credit class counting toward graduation. Approximately 900 students completed the seminar last year (2005-06) and 800 students the year before that (2004-05).

Students can sign up for an eight-week class that meets twice a week or a 16-week class that meets once a week. Throughout the course, students will focus on their writing skills, group work, time management, critical thinking skills and group presentation skills. Faculty will also incorporate sections on responsible choices regarding drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, diversity and stress management.

"The 'New Student Seminar' was very helpful for me as freshman," junior Kelly Kleinhans said. "The class showed us who to talk to if we had questions on our schooling or even our living situations. During the classes we would talk about our likes and dislikes on topics such as our roommate situations, dining and classes. It was a good way to talk with other freshman to see how they handled the same situations. College is what you make it and if you contribute to the class, you'll be able to meet a lot of new friends who I am still friends with today."

"I learned about the 'New Student Seminar' from my peer mentor and he encouraged me to sign up for it during my first year," sophomore Nese'e Gills said. "The class taught me that teachers here are very accessible and are willing to help. For first-year students who will be involved in this fall's classes, I urge them to be open-minded and get involved with the university."

Spots are still available. For more information or to register contact Long at (262) 472-1938 or



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