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Delavan streetwork set to begin

(Published July 30, 2007, 2:58 p.m.)

After several delays in commencing with construction, the City of Delavan will be repaving the roadway of Washington Street from Second Street to Sixth Street; and will include widening the south side of the roadway.

This paving work is scheduled by the contractor to begin about July 30th with replacement of water services.

The roadway work will entail complete removal of the existing pavement, with placement of new concrete curb/gutter along the south edge of the roadway, new bituminous pavement, and new concrete driveway aprons on the south roadway edge.

None of the costs of these public improvements are to be charged directly against the adjoining properties, however, there will be restricted driveway access during certain daytime periods of construction. The major inconvenience for the adjoining residents will be after the concrete curbing and driveway aprons are poured, when no vehicles can cross for six days after pouring or damage will occur to the "green" concrete.

This contracted roadwork is designed to be completed prior to Labor Day weekend, as this is major roadway connection through the City of Delavan and one of our major school bus routes.

We would ask for the public's patience and cooperation during construction, and thank you in advance for your understanding.



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