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Radical forgiveness

--- Look at life from another perspective

(Published July 25, 2007, 1:31 p.m.)

Stacy Whetlow of Lake Geneva has earned certification as a radical forgiveness coach. Radical forgiveness is a coaching process developed by Colin Tipping, author of the bestselling book Radical Forgiveness.

Whetlow did most of her training in Atlanta, Ga., and welcomes individual clients who are in need of a radical shift in their current circumstances.

Whether you are experiencing depression, overweight, diagnosed with a disease, troubled relationship, past abuse issues, addiction or would like to feel a deeper sense of peace, radical forgiveness can be exactly what you need.

Unlike traditional forgiveness, which is long, painstaking and most of the time unattainable, radical forgiveness works swiftly and effectively. This is the leading-edge technology for spiritual and personal growth.

For more information, call Whetlow at (262) 949-6785.



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