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Aurora's Baby-Friendly status renewed

--- Award received through World Health Organization

(Published June 28, 2007, 12:47 p.m.)

Aurora Lakeland Medical Center recently received a renewal of the Baby-Friendly award that it received in 2001 for offering new mothers optimal care for supporting and encouraging lactation and breastfeeding.

Aurora was the first hospital in the state of Wisconsin to receive the distinction of being a Baby-Friendly hospital by Baby-Friendly USA. Aurora Lakeland Medical Center is one of 52 Baby-Friendly hospitals and birthing centers in the United States.

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is an international program of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund that recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that offer optimal care for lactation. Mothers gain information, confidence and the skills needed to be successful when breastfeeding their babies.

In order to be recognized as Baby-Friendly, hospitals must successfully practice the 10 steps to successful breastfeeding and pass assessment by the Baby-Friendly survey team and a review by the External Review Board.

"We are very pleased to have achieved this recognition," said Kathleen Skowlund, administrator/chief nurse executive. "Our staff does an incredible job and the recertification reflects our deep commitment to providing patient-focused care.''

The Lactation Center offers help and support in several ways including a prenatal class entitled "Breastfeeding Your Baby-The Basics," guidance on breastfeeding while returning to work or school, educational materials, a support group and individual counseling. Lactation consultants can also assist with concerns including taking medications while breastfeeding, problems with infants latching on, nursing multiples and stimulation of lactation for an adopted infant.

For more information, call 741-2814.



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