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Visit Vegas in Delavan

--- Dinner theater is a must-see

(Published June 20, 2007, 1:33 p.m.)

The Dancing Horses Dinner Theatre, 5065 Highway 50, Delavan, 728-8200, www.thedancinghorses.com, is Wisconsin's No. 1 must see attraction.

This year marks the first full season for the Dancing Horses Theatre. Thrill to the majesty of five breeds of horses performing under the guidance of Dianne Olds Rossi, Sarah Stermer and Christine Zerbini.

This Vegas-style review is an intimate spectacular featuring Arabian and Friesian horses. Dine and see the show inside the climate-controlled horseshoe-shaped theater, surrounded by the Dancing Waters.

It is a performance like no other-one-of-a-kind and refreshingly unique.

From the opening number which smoothly transports us into every girl's dream of being a princess with her magical horse, to the high-energy flow of neon-draped stallions and synchronized Liberty horses, you will find yourself in a land of enchantment. Costumes, lights, music, video and dancing waters all add to the excitement.

Wagon ride, parrots and macaws show, Baby Barn and Wisconsin Wildlife Nature Trail are all included for one low price.

The Dancing Horses Dinner Theatre is great destination for corporate events, tour and travel and families. The one-hour-and-20-minute show is a unique experience. Those who choose a plated meal can be served one hour before each performance.



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