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Shooter in Delavan murders once a crime victim

---Police report: Analco witnessed violent domestic dispute

Mike Heine/The Week

(Published June 20, 2007, 1:31 p.m.)

The man who shot and killed five people-his infant twin sons, their mother, an aunt and their friend-and wounded his baby daughter on June 9 was a witness and a victim in a violent domestic situation less than six months earlier.

Ambrosio Analco, 23, who took his own life after the shootings inside a Delavan duplex, had three men break into his own house, 2804 Darlington St., Delavan, in the early morning of Jan. 14, according to a town of Delavan police report.

One of the men was looking for his wife, who was hiding in Analco's bedroom, according to the report.

The man accused his wife of having an affair with Analco and a struggle ensued. The man began hitting the woman and pulling her hair in front of Analco, according to the report.

Analco had already loaded a .22-caliber rifle before the men kicked in his locked door. He heard the men break a window in another room and enter the residence through it, according to the police report.

Analco told police he fired once in the air to scare off the men, who allegedly threatened to kill him during the fight inside Analco's bedroom, according to the report.

The men reported the shot was fired in a struggle to get the gun away from Analco, according to their claims.

Analco said he told the men he had nothing to do with the woman, according to the report. The woman told police Analco was telling the men he had his own wife and kids, according to the report.

Analco was never married to Nicole McAffee, the 19-year-old mother of their three children, Jasmine, 19 months, and twin 6-month-old boys Isaiah and Arie.

Friends and family of the late Nicole and her sister, Ashley Huerta, 21, said Analco had allegedly been stealing mail from Nicole and recently found a letter from an ex-boyfriend of Nicole's who was in prison, a family member said.

They suspect Analco went on the shooting spree that left McAffee, Huerta, and the twin boys dead and Jasmine clinging to life with a gunshot wound to her chest, because of a jealous rage.

The man suspected of breaking into Analco's house said he went inside "because his jealousy and anger got to him," according to the report.

Family members of Analco said Analco knew his relationship with Nicole was over and he was looking for a new girlfriend. They said Analco was always good to his children, who he saw on the weekends, and would never hurt them.

Gen Krahn-Reed, executive director of the Walworth County Association for the Prevention of Family Violence, wasn't sure what caused Analco to apparently start shooting, particularly after being the victim of a crime himself.

"Sometimes it's just the feeling that they've lost control (of a relationship) and need to get that control back," Krahn-Reed said. "It's reestablishing the 'who's in charge' kind of thing.

"If they are true abusers, they want to maintain control at all times. If there is something done to them, they'll retaliate back. That's what the pattern typically indicates."

A relative of the victims told reporters Analco had threatened to kill Nicole and everyone in the house if he found out Nicole had been cheating on him.



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