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Potential candidate seeks supervisor's recall

Mike Heine/The Week

(Published June 19. 2007, 2:24 p.m.)

On Monday, Jim Stemper, 1931 Fremont St, East Troy, filed a petition for the recall of his board representative, three-term Supervisor Joyce Ketchpaw, 3057 South St., East Troy.

Stemper, who plans to run for her seat if the recall is successful, said Ketchpaw needed to be more cognizant of her constituents and pass a 2008 budget with little or no tax increases.

"I think I've been a very good board member," Ketchpaw said.

She was OK with the recall being filed, saying it was a democratic right to do so.

Stemper has 60 days to gather signatures.

The Walworth County Clerk's Office had not yet calculated how many signatures are needed for Ketchpaw's removal. The total is a calculation based on the number of voters who cast ballots for the seat in the 2006 spring election.

Should enough signatures be gathered, there will be a special election for the seat.


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