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Kiss a pig

---Lakes Area Relay for Life

Donna Lenz Wright/The Week

(Published June 18, 2007, 3:23 p.m.)

Politicians kissing pigs. Come on, that's funny.

Usually we see them having serious meetings, dealing with serious topics or seriously campaigning. But in the name of the Relay for Life, four Lakes Area politicians have volunteered to kiss a pig if they succeed in doing something they're used to doing-winning the most votes.

Mel Nieuwenhuis, mayor of Delavan; John Giese, mayor of Elkhorn; Wayne Polzin, chairman of the town of Delavan; and Shelly Shepstone, mayor of Lake Geneva have all volunteered to get up close and personal with a pig's snout for the cause.

As longtime members of Team Lenon Bus, Mel and Peggy Nieuwenhuis have held golf outings each summer to raise money for their team. But this year a scheduling conflict with the golf course left them minus one fundraiser.

While brainstorming for another fundraising source, Peggy thought people might like to see a few local politicians kiss a pig enough to cast a vote for a donation.

"We're constantly pushing up our (fundraising) goals for the Relay," Peggy said. They have high hopes of surpassing their past record.

Votes will be accepted until July 10 and the winner will be announced July 11. The Pig Kissing date will be announced depending on the pig's schedule, Peggy said.

Anyone can cast a vote for a donation at the following locations:

Municipal buildings
City of Delavan, 123 S. Second St., Delavan, 728-5585
City of Elkhorn, 9 S. Broad St., Elkhorn, 723-2219
Town of Delavan, 5621 Town Hall Road, Delavan, 728-3471
City of Lake Geneva, 626 Geneva St., Lake Geneva, 248-3673

M&I Bank of Delavan, 104 N. Fifth St., Delavan, 728-2606
M&I Bank of Lake Geneva, 410 Broad St., Lake Geneva, 249-5680
Walworth State Bank, 1221 S. Shore Dr., Delavan, 728-4203
Lenon Bus Company
Delavan Terminal, 301 Wright St., Delavan, 728-2166
Lake Geneva Terminal, N1889 Highway H, Lake Geneva, 248-3289
Walworth Terminal, Madison Street, Walworth, 275-5273



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