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Breakfast honors county's dairy producers

--- Annual Dairy Breakfast June 16

(Published June 13, 2007, 1:16 p.m.)

Walworth County's annual Dairy Breakfast has traditionally honored a local farm family as the host of the event, but in 31 years, that's still left out a lot of people.

So this year, the 31st year of the event, the Walworth County Farm Bureau Dairy Committee is honoring all dairy producers in the county. The honor recognizes their contributions the producers make not only to the dairy industry but also to the economic health of Walworth County.

This year's Dairy Breakfast will be held Saturday, June 16, from 6-10:30 a.m. at the Walworth County Fairgrounds.

The traditional menu will include scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, cheese, milk, yogurt coffee cake and ice cream sundaes to top it off.

Donations are $5 and children under 12 can eat for $3.

Events will include a milk-chugging contest, craft sale, cow milking and entertainment.

There will also be the Get Fit, Drink Milk, Ride a Bike, five- and 30-mile bike rides, which conclude at the Dairy Breakfast. Participants can register at the fair office, or call ride organizer Derrick Papcke at (262) 492-3629.

Also honored this year will be scholarship winners Brianna Kinney and Marty Vanderstoppen.

Kinney, a student at Big Foot High School, plans to attend Hollins University in Roanoke, Va., majoring in religious studies.

Vanderstoppen, also a Big Foot High student, plans to attend UW-River Falls in the fall. Once he has completed his degree in farm management, he hopes to return to the family farm to work side-by-side with his father.

The Dairy Breakfast was first held in 1977, with about 800 people attending. Since then, the breakfast has grown, serving nearly 3,000 people annually.

Previous hosts of the breakfast are:

The Ludtke Family Farm in 2006, Walter Farms in 2005, Bray Swiss Farm in 2004, Clark Farms of Elkhorn in 2003, Featherstone Farms of Walworth in 2002, Papcke Family Farm of Elkhorn in 2001, Sugar Creek Dairy of Elkhorn in 2000, Jack Keizer of Delavan in 1999, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1998, Lauderdale Family Farm of Elkhorn in 1997.

Chuck Katzman of Burlington in 1996, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1995, Jack Keizer of Delavan in 1994, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1993, Holt Bros., in 1992, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1991, Joe Etten of Elkhorn in 1990, Gerald Thelen of Elkhorn, in 1989, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1988.

Perry Moyer of Whitewater in 1987, Lakeland Ag Complex in 1986, Tom Hill of Burlington in 1985, N. Rowbotham of Walworth in 1984, Jim Holt of Delavan in 1983, Charles Pearce of Walworth in 1982, Jack Keizer of Delavan in 1981, Julian Warren of Burlington in 1980, Chuck Katzman of Burlington in 1979, Merwin Ellis of Walworth in 1978 and Charles Papcke of Elkhorn in 1977.



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