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911 call reveals beginnings of rampage


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By Mike Heine /The Week

(Published June 11, 2007, 10:00 p.m.)

A survivor of Saturday night's shootings on South Second Street told police he knows who the killer is.

"I was inside my house. My sister-in-law, her boyfriend come over and started shooting everybody. I jumped off of the roof," Gaspar Huerta told a Delavan dispatcher.

Huerta's wife, Ashley Lynn, and Nicole Marie McAffee were sisters. McAffee’s boyfriend was Amborosio Analco.

Gaspar Huerta, who lived at 309 S. Second St., jumped off a second story balcony and ran to a neighbor's house to call police.

He asked the police to hurry up and stuttered through a name before saying he could not remember the shooter's first name.

"I jumped out. He's there shooting my wife," he said seemingly calm, yet with a nervous edge to his voice. "I saw him shooting my wife ... I don't know about the kids, but there was another of my friends, my wife's friend."

Those dead include a man, three women and two infant twin boys. They are:

• Amborosio Analco, 23, of Delavan.

• Nicole Marie McAffee, 19, of 309 S., Second St., Delavan.

• Ashley Lynn Huerta, 21, of 309 S. Second St., Delavan.

• Vanessa L. Iverson, 19, of W7772 Wisconsin Parkway, No. 21, Delavan.

• Argenis Analco and Isiah Christian Analco, who would have been 7 months old Tuesday. They were the twin sons of Nicole McAffee and Amborosio Analco.

Shot in the chest but found alive inside a minivan at the scene was Jasmine Analco, who is Nicole McAffee and Amborosio Analco's 20-month-old daughter. 

Police identified Analco as McAffee's ex-boyfriend in a press release issued Monday morning.

Through family and friends of those who knew the deceased, The Week has learned that the relationship was off-and-on.

Victor Huerta, Gaspar's older brother, said Ashley told him Saturday afternoon that Amborosio had threatened to kill the family if he found out Nicole was cheating on him.

"He said if ever she cheated with another guy, he was going to kill her and everybody in the house," Victor said Ashley told him Saturday afternoon.

Both Victor and a friend who said he spoke with Gaspar on Saturday night after the shootings, said Amborosio had found a letter addressed to Nicole from an ex-boyfriend who was in prison. They suspect he might have been jealous.

"The guy had a temper. He was arguing with his girlfriend all the time, even on the phone," Victor said.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday that police believe Analco shot the others and then killed himself. The paper did not report what officer provided that information.

A source close to the investigation told The Week that the crime appeared to be a murder-suicide but that it was still under investigation.

Omar Pastrana, 16, who is Analco's cousin, said he did not believe his cousin was capable of shooting his wife and children.

"He loved them a lot," Pastrana said. "He would never hurt his own kids. He wasn't a violent guy."

Gaspar would run from fights, said Autumn, a woman with Victor Huerta who would not give her last name.

"He always ran from problems," Autumn said. "When things cooled down, then he would go back."

He would also leave the room when Analco was at the house and lock himself in the bedroom, Victor said.

Gaspar Huerta 's whereabouts are unclear at this time.

The friend, who knew Gaspar Huerta, Ashley, Nicole and Analco, doesn't know why Analco would shoot the others.

"He was a hard worker. He provided for his kids. He loved his kids so much," the friend said.

"I don't know his state of mind. I don't know what information he had. He loved her really much. I just don't know.

"He loved his kids. He loved his wife. I don't know how it escalated to that. Nobody really knows how it escalated to this."

Police reiterated at Monday afternoon's press conference that the community is safe.

"All the information gathered so far suggests the community is not at risk," said Jim Warren, administrator for the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations.

Jasmine, the 20-month-old girl found alive by police, was upgraded from serious to good condition on Monday, Delavan police chief Tim O'Neill said.

Investigators still need to finish autopsies and have DNA and ballistics evidence taken to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, District Attorney Phil Koss said.

"We ask that you respect that this is a complex crime scene," Koss said. "It's a complex investigation that we want to make sure is thoroughly done. We will answer questions, if we ever can, as well as we can. There are a lot of things that need to be done."

Vanessa Iverson was a good friend of Ashley Huerta 's and was there visiting, her family said. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, her aunt, Mary Ballbach said.

The Iverson family expressed frustration that police wouldn't even tell Vanessa's mother, Kay Macara, what exactly happened inside the home.

"It's very disappointing, especially for Kay," Ballbach said. "She doesn't know."

An aunt of Ashley and Nicole, who would only say her name was DeDee, said the family would never let the sisters out of their hearts.

"This hole is so huge, the void in our family. The pain is overwhelming," DeDee said.

"It is overwhelming to lose four (family) members in one night."




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