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Police identify Ambrosio Analco as shooter

Quick action saves little girl


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By Mike Heine /The Week

(Published June 13, 2007, 4:36 p.m.)

Police identified Ambrosio Analco, 23, as the sole shooter in a murder-suicide that left six people dead at 309 S. Second St., Delavan, Saturday night, Delavan Police Chief Tim O'Neill said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

"We are confident that he is the sole shooter in the matter," O'Neill said.

Police are still analyzing evidence and full disclosure of what happened at the city's most horrific crime scene will not be released for at least several months, O'Neill said.

Investigators are still analyzing forensic, ballistic and DNA evidence, he said. O'Neill would not elaborate on what led investigators to believe Analco was the single shooter.

Before taking his own life, presumably with a handgun investigators confirmed finding at the scene, Amborosio Analco took the life of his two infant sons, Argenis Analco and Isaiah Christian Analco, 6 months old; their mother, Nicole Marie McAffee, 19; her sister, Ashley Lynn Huerta, 21; and a visiting friend of the sisters, Vanessa L. Iverson, 19.

He had shot his 20-month-old daughter Jasmine Analco in the chest, but she survived.

If there is a silver lining to the tragedy it is that Jasmine is alive and is getting better every day, Walworth County Sheriff David Graves said.

Deputy Kirk Dodge, a SWAT Team member, noticed Jasmine in a minivan parked outside the home before officers went inside, Graves said. He ripped the door open, took the child out of her car seat and ran her a half-block down the street to Delavan Sgt. Todd Wiese.

After noticing the child was injured, the SWAT Team had no choice but to go inside, Graves said.

Wiese removed the girl's shirt and saw she had a gunshot wound to the chest. He and Deputy P.J. Austin, a SWAT Team member with medical training, started first aid on the girl on the trunk of Wiese's squad. She was breathing, had her eyes open, but was not crying, Wiese said.

"There wasn't any other indication she was in pain other than the obvious wound to her chest area,"

Not knowing if the shooter was still in the area, Wiese slowly drove his squad east down Matthew Street as Austin walked quickly behind, holding the child so she would not fall.

He met an ambulance about a block away and Jasmine was taken to a hospital. After hearing of the carnage inside-six dead-and seeing the wound that exited the girl's back, Wiese thought Jasmine would be a seventh victim.

But she survived.

Wiese saw her Tuesday with several other officers who were on scene.

"She's doing great. She's awesome. It was much better seeing her in that state than it was two or three nights ago," he said Wednesday. "It replaced that picture in my mind with something that was much more positive."

The images Wiese saw that night will forever be etched in his memory.

"I don't think I'll ever lose it, unfortunately," Wiese said.

Jasmine lost her mom, her dad, her two 6-month-old twin brothers, and her aunt that night.

In a sense though, Wiese said, her family grew on June 9.

"She obviously lost some family that evening, but I think she gained a lot of family in return," Wiese said. "She has as lot more family (now) than she initially did. (She has) lots of uncles on the department who are going to adopt her, for lack of a better term."

Delavan police, the state Division of Criminal Investigations and the Walworth County Coroner's office will continue to investigate the deaths.

The bodies of everyone, except Ambrosio's, has been returned to families for burial, O'Neill said.

The funeral for Vanessa Iverson will be Friday. The funeral for Ashley, Nicole and the twins will be on Saturday. Family members said the sisters will each be buried with one of the twins.

Together, the girls took care of the twins and Ashley was like a second mother to them, their aunt, Karen 'Dee Dee' Sittler said.

Jasmine was released from the hospital Wednesday morning to the custody of her maternal grandmother, Chris Johnson, Sittler said.

Family of Ashley and Nicole had a feeling Analco was the killer from the first reports.

They had spoken with Gaspar Huerta, Ashley's husband, who witnessed the shooting and escaped by jumping off a second-story balcony to call 911.

"We never questioned him. We believed him," Sittler said. "He's been so good with our family and those children that it never crossed our mind (to doubt him). When he said that, we believed him."


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