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More details emerging on Delavan shootings


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By Mike Heine /The Week

(Published June 13, 2007, 10:36 a.m.)

Gaspar Huerta told the aunt of his wife that Amborosio Analco started a shooting rampage inside his upper apartment at 309 S. Second St., Saturday night.

Huerta, 27, survived by jumping off a second-story balcony, according to the 911 call he made to police.

He has since spoken to Karen 'Dee Dee' Sittler about the shooting. Sittler, a spokesperson for the family, is the aunt of his wife Ashley, and her live-in sister, Nicole Marie McAffee, who were both killed Saturday.

Gaspar told Sittler that he saw Analco shooting Ashley in the back as she tried to run away from him. He also told her he saw Jasmine, Nicole and Analco's baby daughter, on the couch being shot and slumping over forward, Sittler said. He didn't know how she got into the minivan parked outside in the driveway.

"I don't know if Nicole was trying to save her and then went back up to get the babies," Sittler said. "That's what I think."

Gaspar thought Analco had a semiautomatic pistol.

"He said it went so fast," Sittler said Gaspar told her.

Sittler visited the apartment for the first time Tuesday afternoon when she went there with family to retrieve personal belongings needed for the funeral.

The two-bedroom apartment was small and had one exit at the bottom of the stairs, making escape difficult, she said.

Gaspar hid in his and Ashley's bedroom and locked the door. He stood along a wall because he was afraid he would be shot through the door, Sittler said Gaspar told her.

He cracked opened the door and saw more firing. He shut it quickly, went onto the balcony and jumped down, running to a neighbor's house to call police, Sittler said.

Police are still not saying exactly what happened at white duplex in the city's older section.

They have confirmed six are dead-Amborosio Analco, 23; his and Nicole's two infant sons, Argenis Analco and Isaiah C. Analco, 7 months old; his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Marie McAffee, 19; her sister, Ashley Lynn Huerta, 21; and a visiting friend of the sisters, Vanessa L. Iverson, 19.

Jasmine was in good condition at University Hospital in Madison. It is unclear who will retain custody of the 20-month-old girl when she is released from the hospital. It will likely be one of her maternal grandparents, Sittler said.

Investigators are waiting for autopsy reports from the Waukesha County Medical Examiner and the Walworth County Coroner, as well as ballistics and DNA test results from the Wisconsin State Crime Lab before more details are revealed.

"We're waiting for the labs," Chief Tim O'Neill said Tuesday afternoon. "I'm not in control of that information."

Police expect to release more information sometime today.

A Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations agent said Tuesday afternoon that investigators were in the final stages of evidence collection at the home.

Since Sunday, police have assured that the community is safe. There are no suspects in custody related to the murders, O'Neill said.

District Attorney Phil Koss said it is possible the situation was a murder-suicide with Analco potentially being the killer.

"I believe that's a reasonable theory," Koss said Tuesday afternoon.


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