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Students squeal with delight as pig prepares puckers up

Dan Plutchak/The Week

(Published May 22, 2007, 1:02 p.m.)

Sometimes, financial help comes one penny at a time.

At least that's the way do it at Jackson Elementary school in Elkhorn.

Students raised $305 in this year's Great Penny Race, and donated it to the family of a Jackson Elementary School student whose family's home was destroyed in a fire.

Usually, the school's penny drive raises money for the end-of-the-year school carnival, but this year, the money went to help out one of their own.

In addition to helping out a local family, the prime motivation for students to haul in their spare pennies was to see their favorite teacher kiss a pig.

The event culminated the week-long Great Penny Race, said fifth grade teacher Amy Demeter.

Students bring in pennies all week, and drop them in buckets for their favorite staff member. The top six win the honor of kissing a pig.

"We only ask for pennies, and the kids have a lot of fun watching the buckets fill up over the week," Demeter said.

The top penny-getters this year were fourth-grade teacher Ben Kitslaar, second grade teacher Betsy Wulff, first-grade teacher Janeen Passler, custodian Brian Marzahl, Kindergarten teacher Margaret Block, and Demeter.

Principal Tammy Fisher also took a peck from the pig, "because she's a good sport," Demeter said.

The payoff came Friday during an all-school assembly in the school gymnasium.

Students chanted, "kiss the pig, kiss the pig," as the staff members prepared for their smooch.

The chosen teachers had lipstick applied and puckered up to the cheers of the students.

Then, David Kyle, of David and Laurie Kyle farms arrived the pig-a piglet actually, which was probably good news for the staff members in question-to make the contest complete.

In the end, the students were wild about the contest, the staff members were at the least good sports, and there was no comment from the young pig.



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