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Woman hadn't had a visitor in over 10 years

(Published Jan. 26, 2007, 9:38 a.m.)

Dear WC,

I have a neighbor who has a handicap. She is elderly and I do not know how she gets by. I feel concerned for her well being. I want to go knock on her door to see how she is doing. I want to see if she needs any help, but I cannot get up the courage to go to her house. Even though I have tried to go there several times, I have never made it to the door and knocked. I wonder if you could see how she is doing.


Dear Concerned Neighbor,

I sensed your concern in this matter and visited your neighbor. Thank you for informing me of another neighbor in our midst in desperate need of our assistance.

God bless,



Dear Readers,

When I went to visit this handicapped senior, I knocked on the door and waited. I waited a little longer and then knocked on the door a little harder. I waited again before knocking a third time again slightly louder. I continued to wait. After knocking the fourth time the door was finally answered. As the door opened I saw a silver-haired lady using a quad cane for support. She had a support brace on her leg. She had a curious look on her face along with a warm smile. I was pleasantly surprised to see her smile.

“Hello, my name is ...”

She finished my sentence for me stating, “WC.”

I asked her if we had met before.

“No,” she said. “But I read your column. I would know your face anywhere.” She smiled bigger.

“I would recognize that smile of yours anywhere,” I said.

We both laughed. I asked her if everything was all right.

“Sort of,” she replied. “You probably wonder why it took me so long to answer the door.”

“I can see you walk with a cane,” I said.

“No, it’s not that. I figured, if it was someone selling something I could not afford or did not need, that after they knocked a couple times they would have left to try and sell their wares to the next house.

“Since your knock was so persistent, I figured I better get up and see what it was all about. I sure am glad I did.”

“It sure is a beautiful day, today, isn’t it?” she continued.

I looked up at the sky and noticed it was clouded over.

“Yes, it is lovely,” I said. “When two people can meet, it is all for the better. They alone make the light.

“Yes, of course, it is a very lovely day,” she said as she invited me inside.

She asked me what brought me to her house. I told her there was an angelic neighbor nearby concerned for her and how she had tried several times to come over but could not find the nerve to knock on the door. In retrospect she probably would not have gotten to see you anyway. She probably would not have been as persistent in her knock, and she would have left after the first attempt. You would have thought it was a salesperson and not answered the door.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “You are right.”

I could tell she was a very amiable and intelligent person. As we continued I learned she was having a difficult time keeping up with her utilities. She also needed a few repairs around the house.

We brought her utilities up to date and made a commitment to make the repairs. As we talked further she told me how she would wake up every morning and count her blessings. I told her I was very happy to meet such a strong person.

“We are only as strong as our minds,” she said. “If we think everything will be OK, it will be. If we feel we are lonely, we will be lonely. If we have a gratitude about life, life will be thankful.”

I agreed with her. I told her I was living a thankful life being a servant with God’s will.

“Yes, you are,” she replied.

As we continued to talk I found out she did not think that much of money.

“What more can it bring you if you have more than you could possibly use?” she asked.

She said it was like filling one’s entire house and garage with food that one could not possibly eat at that time. Having a sufficient amount of money to fend for yourself, to be cheerful for your life, to appreciate your health is all that is needed.

I asked her if she had anyone who stops by like friends or relatives to visit. She said no one had stopped to see her in the past 10 years. She said everyone lived too far away. I could tell the subject was very hurtful for her to talk about.

The next time I visited I brought her neighbor along. I told her we had helped her in many ways but what she needed most was a friend. As they made their introductions I could see a sense of relief come over this wonderful senior lady. She came over to me, gave me a big hug and began to cry. Together, the neighbor and I comforted her. Right away, she knew she was gaining a new neighborly friend. It has been several months now and they have become good friends. The neighbor wrote a letter thanking The Time Is Now for the introduction. She also wrote how they get together and how it fulfills them both.

I want to thank everyone for making The Time Is Now possible. Thank you for supporting, networking, caring and sharing. I feel the Lord puts angels before us. This senior lady is an angel for all of us to think about—her wisdom of life, the true essence of life and where happiness is found.

Health and happiness,

God bless,





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