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Matthew Olson of Signalfire Producations

(Published April 26, 2007, 4:00 p.m.)

Name: Matthew Olson

Title: Creative Lead and Owner

Company: Signalfire Productions

Business address: 221 Butternut Drive, Delavan, WI 53115

Phone number: 725-4500

Web site: www.SignalfireProductions.com

Company's product or service: Creative graphic design and Web development for businesses. We handle everything from original logos to rebranding entire corporations complete with brochures, stationery, product sheets, trade show materials and advertising-all printed and delivered. From basic informative Web sites to e-commerce packages, we offer turn-key Web solutions for every business size. Simply put, we're a single-source solution for business marketing.

How long has your company been in business? Since 2002

What is your business philosophy? Our success is only measured by our customer's success. So many businesses have incredible products and services but no real expertise in developing their brand, sales materials or marketing presence. Our mission is to make it easier on businesses. We develop working partnerships in which we become a business's creative and marketing resource-an internal marketing department without the overhead. Many of our customers love the ability to pick up the phone and have it done. Offering new product marketing, e-mail a logo to a sign shop, advertisement for the local paper, new brochures for an upcoming tradeshow, even printing more letterhead, are all just a phone call away.

Who are your target customers? More than a specific size or field, Signalfire looks for businesses with a need. Our clients include everyone from independent financial contractors to industrial corporations with several hundred employees, but have one thing in common-a need for effective, creative design and experienced marketing support. If a business thinks their logo or brochures look "tired" or out-of-date, help is long overdue.

What goals do you have for your company? Two key goals: continue the pace of growth we've seen in the last year and to expand our presence locally. We have a great deal of customers from Chicagoland and nationally, but want to become better known in southeastern Wisconsin.

Do you have a favorite book? For every professional I recommend Patton on Leadership by Alan Axelrod. Written in single page bits of professional wisdom, the book walks the reader through different managerial concepts with quotes from one of America's most polarizing military figures. Strangely enough, he managed a mobile organization of over 400,000 "employees," encompassing everything from payroll to freight, to say nothing of combat operations.



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