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Cardiologist joins Aurora Health Care

(Published April 24, 2007, 4:24 p.m.)

With the addition of Cary Berkowitz, M.D., cardiology, Aurora Lakeland Medical Center is poised to meet the ever-increasing need for expert cardiovascular care in Walworth County.

Berkowitz joins fellow board-certified cardiologists James Moran, M.D., Kenneth Bortin, M.D. and Stephen Welka, D.O., and treats patients at both Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington.

Berkowitz served his cardiology fellowship with Loyola University and completed his residency at Northwestern University's Evanston Hospital after graduation from the Chicago Medical School. His extensive academic and research affiliations span a consistent timeline from the late 1970s through today. He was named by his peers as one of the city's top physicians in a 1993 survey conducted by Chicago magazine.

Those 30-plus years of experience will prove beneficial to Walworth County residents as Berkowitz brings not only a dual perspective from university and urban hospitals, but also has witnessed firsthand the changing patterns of cardiovascular medicine during the last three decades.

The combination of what Berkowitz describes as impressive facilities, high-quality physicians and exceptional cardiologists and culture helped sway his decision to join Aurora.

"Everyone works for a common goal," he said in a news release. "That's the way medicine was in Chicago 30 years ago before it got so busy and crowded. Medical care there is becoming more impersonal. I'm looking forward to making those personal connections with patients and staff here," he says.

While the Elkhorn/Burlington area used to have only one cardiologist with Dr. Moran, the growth of the cardiovascular department reflects the growing needs of the local community. An aging baby-boomer population, the continued urban migration to outlying areas and a better general awareness of preventative cardiac medicine all are factors.

"Dr. Berkowitz will work primarily at the hospital in Elkhorn,'' said Dr. Moran, who serves as medical director for the cardiology program at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington. "Dr. Bortin has been caring for most cardiology patients there, but it's at least a two-person program based on the population in Walworth County and the percentage of cardiology problems ranging from hypertension to coronary artery disease.''

The addition of another physician serving both Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington means that at least one cardiologist will be available at all times for emergency care.

Berkowitz and his wife, Maureen, are familiar with the Walworth County area. Along with their two sons they spent summers in Fontana and Delavan.

For more information call 741-2380.

Aurora Health Care is a not-for-profit Wisconsin health-care provider and a nationally recognized leader in efforts to improve the quality of health care. Aurora offers services at sites in more than 90 communities throughout eastern Wisconsin.


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